August, 1996


"When all hell turns loose,
all Heaven turns loose also.
When the enemy comes in
like a flood, the Spirit of
God raises up a standard
against it."


For the ungodly, the unknown can be terrifying, because that which is not known can
only be imagined. And bringing imagination to life is what Hollywood does best.

Imagine That

Ever since Flash Gordon flew through space with his ray gun in 1936, doing battle with the evil emperor, Ming the Merciless, on the planet Mongo, Americans have been fans of a particular kind of film-making known as science-fiction. A close relative of the horror movies, which frighten audiences with tales of Dracula and Frankenstein, science-fiction began to redirect those fears towards something real, and therefore much, much more scary than vampires and werewolves. Overhead, in the vast mysteriousness of the night sky, were cosmic forces beyond human control, and phenomenon that transcended all reasoning. Could the endless depths of space hold man's greatest nightmare? Science-fiction would like for you to think so.

Last month, Newsweek magazine reported that the American public is now in a "major alien moment." Amazingly, the "we are not a alone" crowd has become respectable. Science-fiction movies, TV shows and books dominate in their respective fields. Within the next year, Hollywood will be releasing more than a dozen more science-fiction movies, each of them featuring aliens more evil and hideous than have ever been produced before. What has happened to catapult tales of hellish-looking extraterrestrials from the realms of pop culture to mainstream America?

This locust-like alien is from Hollywood's latest science-fiction movie.

For one thing, today's movie-goers enjoy being terrified. The more realistic the terror, the more tickets are sold. The high-tech creatures that are being produced by Hollywood's special effects studios have no resemblance to the latex-clad actors who portrayed alien beings in the older productions. Through the use of robotics and computer animation techniques, most science-fiction films are now populated by bug-like aliens endowed with human-like behavior. As the ultimate evil villains are found and defeated by superior humans, the movie-goer comes to believe that he can and will survive the threat of doomsday that he's being told is imminent; and forget the end of the world, for it doesn't exist.

The ungodly like what Hollywood has created, not realizing that the images that are being placed in their minds are spores of the tormenting mind-plagues that will be manifested during the tribulation.

Film producers are now saying that just ahead on the horizon of movie-making is the interactive world of virtual reality. VR, as it is commonly called, will alow the audience to do more than watch and listen. They will be able to actually participate in the onscreen action! Can you imagine that?

Last month, both Time and Newsweek magazines published articles relating to Howllywood's latest science fiction release, "Independence Day." We have taken quotes from the articles and matched them with prophetic statements made by Brother Branham in 1965.

Every time a UFO movie or TV show penetrates our collective unconscious, reports of alien sightings and abductions go up.
Newsweek, July 8, 1996

"Look at all the televisions and things, Getting these fictious things in order. It'll come a time, I predict, that people will be completely, totally insane, the world will be. The Bible speaks of such hideous sights as they show in movies today, of some prehistoric creature's eggs, that's lived in the earth for so many thousands and millions of years, hatch and come forth. That's just a minor thing to what's going to happen. When hell is opened and the Devil comes out with all of his mysterious things, of locust with hair like women, and teeth like lions. Why, the world will be completely, totally insane. It's not but just about one degree from it now."

"...different hideous sights that they'll be able to see, in that mental, deluded condition they're in."


We dream in imagery manufactured in the laboratories of Hollywood...

Newsweek, July 8, 1996

"There will come a time, in the Name of the Lord, that people will go completely insane. The Bible said so. They'll scream and holler at the great, hideous things in their imaginary mind... the television programs are producing it... They will scream and holler and cry for mercy, but it will be the plague."


"Men will be so insane after a while, until they'll imagine they're seeing ants the size of a mountain." CHRIST REVEALED IN HIS OWN WORD 65-0822

This is about belief, not just box office.

Time, July 8,1996

"Those hideous things are not natural; that is spiritual things that makes people scream to the rocks and the mountains and everything else to fall on them."


Disillusioned Gen-Xers... are convinced they have a better chance of encountering an alien than they do of collecting Social Security. It's a substitute religion for people who haven't got one and a supplemental one for those who already do.

Newsweek, July 8, 1996

"These hideous sights that's coming upon the can see how the people are moving right into it. It's an insanity. But when that thing strikes, the Church will be gone."


A few days ago we received a letter from Brother Jeff Jenkins, a pastor in Lima, Ohio. Brother Jeff and his wife, Sister Debbie, are the parents of four children, three which are school-age and have been home-schooled for five years. Since we regularly receive inquiries from our readers, asking how to get started in a home-schooling program, we decided to share Brother Jeff's letter with you, as an added encouragement and inspiration to believing parents who may be in a valley of decision regarding their children's education.

Greetings Brother George and Sister Rebekah,

I was just reading in the Believers News, "When Amerikee was Amerikee." I appreciated, so much, your comments. Just last week I completed a series on the Sanctified life, the separate walk. In that message, I told the Assembly:

"I believe that the public school has fast become a non-option for our children. If you are a teacher, then shine your light, but don't expect little, impressionable children to discern the evil that resides in the halls of education.

Satan has an agenda, and that is to preach his anti-God, amoral or immoral message to the youth of the world. If your children are in the school system then get them out, and with Christian love and conviction allow the principal to know exactly why you are removing them from the public school."

I saw a satirist's cartoon on public schools that summed it up. Mom is standing at the front door while her two children are boarding a school bus, and mom urges the two children: "Go to school now, but don't partake in their ways." Written on the bus was SCHOOL DISTRICT SODOM AND GOMORRAH.

Children assume that "Mom and Dad care for us, so they must feel that what goes on in this school is OK." You may tell them that you don't agree with some of the things that are taught, but the humanistic spirit is all the while influencing them. The only way your children will know that you absolutely disapprove is when you take them out. Would we subject our children to false teachings or subject them to a pastor who is a tyrant or a worldly man? No, but too many Message parents will continue to subject their little ones to the dark evil of the public schools. I have seen Message folk that will leave a church to get a better spiritual diet and then continue to send their children to the public school.

It is my conviction that the local Church should help families that can't afford optional schooling. The wife would not have to go to work so they can send them to a Christian school. It would be much more God-honoring for Mom to teach her children at home. I've heard some moms say, "I don't have the patience to teach my children at home; they would drive me crazy." That is all the more reason why you should teach them at home. God is wanting to develop character in you. Teaching your children requires patience, and if you don't you don't have it, then teaching will give it to you. Your children aren't the only ones receiving schooling.

You can teach at home for around eight hundred dollars a school year. If you have a good home schooling coalition in your area, then you can buy used books, or have your home-schooling friends save their books for your children and save even more money.

Some states require a yearly State exam, SAT, or the like. This can be done by any certified teacher that you may know. Also, in Ohio where we live, each year we have a very large, 3-day convention for home-schoolers. It is called CHEO(Christian Home Education of Ohio.) We had well over 5,000 people attend this last year. At the convention they had about a hundred booths, at this are made available all types of curriculum and teaching aids. They have classes on how to teach science to your children, or on disproving evolution from the Scriptures; how to teach Spanish, or home-making skills. Literally hundreds of classes to choose from, and all classes have a Bible base.

So there is a lot of support for the home-schooler. Home schooling is the single, fastest-growing, grass-roots movement in America.

Well, you can tell I am a proud home-school. I just thought I would encourage you with these few words.

God bless you both, Brother Jeff Jenkins

If you are considering home-schooling for your children, here is the address
of a magazine that will be able to show you how to get started:

The Teaching Home
P.O Box 469069
Escondido, CA 92046-9069

Politically Correct Hymns

Mainline Protestant denominations are engaging in a publishing frenzy to see who can produce the most politically correct hymnal for today's church-goer. The traditional language of worship is being revised in order to be more gender-neutral, and to avoid the possibility of minorities and people with disabilities being offended by what has been deemed "antiquated" language. For example:

The phrase "right hand of God" has been changed to "mighty" or "strong" hand of God, so that no left-handed people won't feel insulted.

The words "darkness" or "blind" can no longer be used to symbolize spiritual ignorance.

No longer appropriate are such terms as "Lord;" "Ruler," "King," and "Master," when referring to the Almighty. A truly democratic God is now addressed as the "All-inclusive One," "Great Spirit," "Architect Divine," or "Source of Being." On a more personal level, God is frequently referred to as "Mother" and "Partner."

Rarely are personal pronouns applied to Christ, and hymns such as "Crown Him With Many Crowns" now appears as "Crown With Your Richest Crowns."

Jesus is referred to as "God's only Child" rather than "God's Only Son."

Other changes made to old favorites include "Faith of Our Fathers," which is now "Faith of the Martyrs." "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind," now appears as "Dear God, embrace Humankind."

In Isaac Watts' beautiful hymn "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross," the phrase "On which the Prince of glory died" has been replaced by "On which the Christ of glory died." And in "Just As I Am," all reference to being "poor, wretched, and blind" has been eliminated.

The fastest-selling of these new hymnals is The New Century Hymnal, published by the United Church of Christ. The use of the hymnal is not mandatory among the 6,200 congregation of the UCC, but already more than 250,000 of this edition have been sold, some to other denominations. This hymnal is praised because it "balances the masculine and feminine images of God, and sometimes refers to God as "Her."

Thomas Smith, executive director of the Fort Worth, Texas-based Hymn Society of the United States and Canada, has estimated that 90 percent of denominations have already adopted a new hymnal, or are now preparing one.

Of course, not all new hymnals will embrace such a dramatic shift in biblical theology. But the fact that such lunacy is considered acceptable by a significant number of Protestant congregations signifies just how far denominations have turned from the Word of God.

Sister Rose James writes: "Please ask the saints to pray for Judy Vaughan, who has cancer. Also pray for my daughter-in-law for her health problems and for the salvation of her family."

Sister Barbara Jean Cooke requests prayer for healing.

Sister Melody Gilbertson requests prayer for her family, who is going through a very trying time; and also for her 11-year-old son, Isaac, who is an insulin-dependent diabetic.

Please remember in prayer Brother Kenny Cowl of Pennsylvania who is suffering a number of complications including respiratory infection and ulcers.

Sister Arlis Billingsley has recently been released from the hospital but continues to loose weight, and requests the prayers of the saints for her palsey. Sister Arlis is 89 years old.

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