January, 1996

"What's this body made of? Oh, some
petroleum, some potash, and some cosmic
lights and atoms holding it together.
That's all. It was nothing, one time, and it
is now; and it's going away to nothing, and
then coming back again in a glorified state.
See, it's just a process, like
developing a picture."

William Branham

Wonders In The Heavens
"And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke." Joel 2:30

The Eagle Nebula

Light from the Eagle Nebula, 42 quadrillion miles from Earth - more than 400 million times as far away as the sun - is captured by the high resolution camera of the Hubble Space Telescope, making it possible for us to watch as worlds were being created 7,000 years ago.

"He stood there in space, when there was nothing else - before there was even a star in the heavens; before there was a sun in the heavens. He blowed off His hand...wheeew... and stars, moons, and worlds, and systems came into existence by His spoken Word."
What Think Ye Of Christ, 53-1213
by the
of God

On April 1, 1995, cameras of the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope were directed towards a bright cluster of stars visible in the western sky between the constellations of Sagittarius and Serpens (the Serpent). Often referred to as M16, but more appropriately named The Eagle Nebula because of its resemblance to a great bird with outstretched wings, its glowing expanse is shown in the smaller inset photo above.

Outlined at the very heart of the nebula (a word meaning "mist" or "cloud") you will see the field in which Hubble was able to capture the amazing larger image, bringing into sharp focus details of the universe that have never been seen before. With a resolution that is 10 times greater that any produced by earth bound telescopes, Hubble's true-color photographs are causing excited astronomers to scramble, as their theories of the size and the age of the universe are being altered with each new image being produced.

"And they're going to find out someday that they're not seeing a hundred and fifty million years of light space either; they're going right around in a circle....
Christ Revealed In His Own Word, 65-0822

The immense pillars you see in the photograph above are composed of gas and dust, and they measure roughly a light-year - six trillion miles - from top to bottom. Each wispy protrusion, such as those visible near the top of the left pillar, is bigger than our solar system, and cradle infant star systems that are just emerging from the gas and dust that surround their birth. "It's a bit like a wind storm in the desert," said lead researcher Jeff Hester of Arizona State University. "As the wind blows away the lighter sand, heavier rocks buried in the sand are uncovered. But in M16, instead of rocks, the ultraviolet light is uncovering the denser egg-like globules of gas that surround stars that were forming inside the gigantic gas columns."*

As these new stars (some more than 100,000 times brighter than the sun) drift away from their birthplace, they will form new planets, much as our own sun did, 4.5 billion years ago.

"I hear Him say, "Let there be!" And an atom broke yonder, and when it did, the sun came into existence and began to whirl. She burned for millions of years, and millions and millions of years. After awhile, I see a clinker fly off of it. What is it? The first star that flew from the sun. He watches it fall for a few million years, and He stops it. Then, another one flies off, and He lets it fall a few million years and stops it .What's He doing? Writing His first Bible,the zodiac."

The Pillar Of Fire, 53-0509

Even though we are seeing these events as though they have just transpired, the expanse of 7,000 light years which separates us from the Eagle's nest means that we are watching in present tense a phenomena which occurred at the time of the Creation!

In mid-November, 1995, when NASA released the images you see here for the first time, nearly every major television news station reported the event. CNN later acknowledged that after the photos were shown on the air, they received "hundreds of calls" from people who claimed they saw an image that appeared to be the face of Jesus in the top, right portion of the largest pillar.

*US News and World Report; November 13, 1995.

A poster-sized reproduction (36 x 24 inches) of the Eagle Nebula photo is available for $9.95 from Sky Publishing Corporation. Their toll free number in the US is 800-253-0245. Outside the US, call +1-617-864-7360.

A Striking Resemblance

One pillar is formed of dense molecular gas and dust, it and towers more than six trillion miles, reaching into the farthest boundaries of our universe. The other pillar is composed of a hard metamorphic rock called the "Catalina gneiss," a form of granite that is found only in this Arizona mountain range. Yet, the recognizable shape of an eagle with it's wings folded can be seen in each naturally formed structure.

Nestled in the Catalina foothills northeast of Tucson, is the desert oasis of Sabino Canyon, an unexpected gem, carved by the forces of geology and filled with biological diversity. Swift streams, deep still pools, an extravagant assortment of plant life, curiously colored cliffs silhouetted by pinecovered ridges - such a pristine wilderness area is rarely found so close to a major city.

Sabino Canyon was destined to become a place regarded with respect by people around the world. But, it was not due to its natural beauty that it received such honor, but because it was the site to which God directed His prophet on several occasions, and then met with him there.

One meeting occurred on September 22, 1965. (A complete account of his experience is related in the message "On The Wings Of A Dove," 65-1128e) It was the third time in as many days that the Spirit had led Brother Branham to the canyon, where for several hours he hiked along the game trails that criss-crossed the rocky slopes of Sabino. Towards noontime, a large rock just off the path attracted his attention, and he was urged by the Spirit to stop there and pray, which he did. Leaning forward, with his chest and hands pressed against the rock and his eyes raised to Heaven, he was in prayer when he heard a Voice, which seemed to come from the rocky formation above him. 'What are you leaning against, over your heart?" the Voice questioned.

Brother Branham looked down, and there, written in white quartz against the gray stone, was the word Eagle - confirming for the prophet a vision he'd had concerning his ministry.

The next day he returned to the rock again, this time with his camera. He photographed the word Eagle in the stone. He also photographed the rugged side of the cliff above him, from which direction the Voice had spoken. (See lower photo, above.)

This striking formation - a watching eagle, with folded wings - still stands guard over the site. A witness, a memorial, and now a testimony in Heaven and on earth of an end time Eagle Message that is giving birth to morning stars that will shine on for Eternity.

"Oh, you morning stars, rise and shine! It's time to shine; the Coming of the Lord is at hand!"
Watchman, What Of The Night? 60-0722
"Do you realize that you represent a star in Heaven, and every star in Heaven represents you?"
The Seven Church Ages, 54-0512

Sister Helen Reisert requests prayer for back problems, which include pinched nerves and injured disks.

Sister Cathryn Ferguson writes from Black Rock, Arkansas, to request prayer for her husband, Clinton, who is in the St. Louis University Hospital awaiting a heart transplant.

Sister Linda Tester asks that the Tester family be remembered in the prayers of the saints.

Sister Rightnowar is asking that the saints pray that God will make a way for her family to move closer to a Message church for fellowship, and also for her son, who needs employment.

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