JUNE, 1996


"Papa used to take me to the woodshed, and I got a good education! I learned how to behave myself. He had a hickory limb with all the "ten commandments" on the end of it. It certainly brought discipline to me!"


Was Amerikee

Something is wrong!

After losing their appeal in the lower courts, Massachusetts parents who objected to a graphic AIDS education program that was presented by the public school their child attended, appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court on the grounds that their "right to parent" had been violated by the school system. The program which they found objectionable included profanity and sexually explicit material (including sodomy), yet the local school board required that every student attend, without parental notification or approval!

In March of this year, the Supreme Court refused to hear the parent's appeal.

Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled that reading the Bible over the school intercom system was a violation of the Constitution of the United States (one of many such rulings that have happened in the past decade or so). This time the ruling was against a small, rural Mississippi public school district. '1he Bill of Rights was created to protect the minority from tyranny by the majority," was the judgment of the court. Once again, God was expelled from school.

What has happened to America, Christians are asking? What caused this nation, which was established on a foundation of biblical values, and which once stood for God, to sink so low?

"Some time ago' I talked to an old man down at Corydon, Indiana. He told me about when the capitol was in Corydon, and said how that he'd went by ox cart down to hear the governor speak. And he and the governor were the only two that had two-piece suits on. He said he'd raised the sheep and sheared them, and washed their wool, his sisters spun it and made him a coat to go with his trousers.
And the old fellow sitting there - about eighty- five or ninety years old - pulled his beard, like that, and he said, "Billy, that's when Amerikee was Amerikee."
I looked at the old fellow, and I thought, "Boy, a lot of these young ones wouldn't believe it, but you're telling the truth."


In the one-room schoolhouse, books were
sometimes limited to what could be
provided by parents: the Bible, a hymnal,
almanac, dictionary, and a McGuffey's

The weapon of our destruction was an idea - just a small bite from the tree of knowledge - that became a philosophy known as "Humanism." It was delivered with pinpoint accuracy to the most valuable (and vulnerable) treasures which we possess - the minds of our children - by an insidious device known as "public education."

When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, they carried with them a document they had composed as they neared the end of their perilous journey across the sea. It was called the Mayflower Compact, and in it they expressed their desire to create schools in this new land, so that their children could be taught to read the Word of God. Soon they were joined by the Puritans, who also settled on the shores of Massachusetts Bay, and it was the Puritan Christians who established the government, built schools and established the first college in New England, thereby setting the moral tone that would shape the foundations of the nation to come.

For the next one hundred and fifty years, the Bible was the standard upon which religious devotion and education in America were based. School lessons in history acknowledged the dependence which the great men of the nation placed in the guiding hand of the Almighty. Principles set forth by the Ten Commandments were an important part of the curriculum. Reading began by learning that "A" is for Adam, "B" is for Beelzebub...

Throughout most of the 18th century, the primary educational establishments were either private academies or Christian schools. But as the 19th century approached, public education, under the direction of state government, came into existence. It was paid for by tax dollars, and it was compulsory.

Free education was a major step forward in our development as a nation. With a proper education, the lives of the children would be enhanced, it was reasoned; and with better educated citizens, America's position as world leader in the Industrial Revolution that was under way would be greatly benefited.

And they were right. An education did enable students to make a better living, even though that education itself was slowly becoming more and more secular - "progressive" was the word educators chose to use. Not many questioned the fact that the government and its institutions were now in charge of choosing the ideology under which the children of American would develop.

In 1859, a scientist named Charles Darwin published a book called Origin of Species in which he set forth his theories regarding the beginnings of life. It was greeted with utter contempt by the God-fearing people of the day, and even his fellow scientists expressed considerable doubts as to its validity.

But a seed had been planted. Satan now had a creation story of his own. Intellectuals who shared the philosophy of Humanism - rejecting the existence of a Creator-God for the belief in man, as a perfectible creature, needing only his own powers - had the ideal and already-in-place means through which to introduce their theology (called "science") into the bloodstream of every human being in America. The public school system.

It did not happen overnight. It was much more subtle. The people had to be trained.

"Training" is a fundamental premise of the humanist ideology. If we evolved from the primordial slime (as they believe) from tadpoles, to fish, to monkeys, to become as we are now (just another part of the animal kingdom), then we can be trained like other animals) to act and think in a programmable manner.

Writing in The Rebirth of America, author D. James Kennedy gives the following description of the humanistic revolution in America:

"What was the nature of that revolution? Very simply, it was this: It would produce an educational system where, instead of having God at the center, we would have man, and thus 'humanism' gradually became the dominant ideology of the American public school system. Just what does that mean? Our schools are working feverishly to produce the perfect humanist man... Humanism is nothing other than the American version of atheism, which positively says, We believe in,' rather than negatively, 'We don't believe in God.' But my friends, it is the same old thing. It is pure, unadulterated atheism with all of the resultant effects of atheism. There is no Deity. As the Humanist Manifesto itself said: 'No deity will save us; we must save ourselves."

When the 20th century arrived, by all outward appearances our school system seemed to be in good shape. Amerikee was Amerikee. Teenagers graduating from high school had the ability to read and write, and they also knew there were standards by which they were to conduct themselves. They learned that there was a difference between right and wrong, and that honesty, responsibility, and self-control were qualities of character they were expected to achieve.

But towards the middle of this century, the maturing face of education had become more discernible, and it was ugly. There were no absolutes, no truths, no standards. Speaking in 1956, Brother Branham effectively summed up the state of our school system "We thought, once, that the educational programs would save the whole world, and we educated them. What have we got? A bunch of educated atheists! That's exactly right." [56-0527]

In 1973, the state superintendent for public schools in Arizona said, "The atheists have, for all practical purposes, taken over public education in this country." Since then, the downhill slide has only gained momentum. Humanists have fought to remove all forms of Christian religious expression from our public society, at the same time flooding textbooks with every form of blasphemy. Students are taught that there are no eternal truths, the are no moral standards which can apply to everyone, and that he is not to seek guidance from any supernatural Being, but has to rely on himself and his own powers.


There is a theme which runs throughout the last five chapters of the Book of Judges: "Every man did that which was right in his own eyes." This written during a period that has been called the Dark Ages of the Israelite people, between the death of Joshua and the anointing of Saul as Israel's first king.)

In a message titled United Under One Head [58- 0326], Brother Branham emphatically warns us that when we seek after things which are "pleasant to the eye" (which Eve did, and which education often caus- es us to do), that we are placing ourselves in mortal jeopardy.

And to what has this "do your own thing," humanistic doctrine brought us? Insanity.

In 1960, Brother Branham declared, "There ain't no hopes for children, they've done gone insane." Was he seeing today? No doubt he was. What else could you call it but insanity when a six-year-old boy, who, in the process of burglarizing a home, kicks a sleeping infant nearly to death (an atrocity which occurred a few month ago). And that is but one example of the insane behavior that is becoming almost commonplace today.

Most Christians (and some non-Christians) recognize that we are in trouble. The societal decline of the last fifty years has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that mankind wrongly diagnosed himself. Without God, we are not perfectible. But unfortunately, that is a lesson that government is incapable of learning. One of their latest efforts, It Takes A Village, by Hillary Clinton, would have us believe that we are not capable of raising our children without the help of the 'global community.' Already new international guidelines for parents are being established (a necessary step in the process of establishing a New World Order), placing the education and upbringing of children under the strict control of the government.

Have you heard of a United Nations treaty called 'Convention on the Rights of the Child?' Probably not, because the mainstream media have either down-played or ignored it altogether. But, if Congress actually ratifies this outrageous document (which has become one of Mrs. Clinton's pet causes), children will be given almost unlimited 'rights' that can be used against parental authority. For example: Article 13 gives children the right to read, watch, or listen to whatever they choose. Article 15 grants them freedom of association. But perhaps the most significant aspect of the treaty is Article 18, which directs State parties (meaning: government agencies) to "render appropriate assistance to parents and guardians in the performance of their child-rearing responsibilities" (meaning: the government will tell you how to raise your child).

The increasing domination of immoral, humanistic teachings and practices within our public education system have provoked many Christian parents to opt for home schooling. Others have gone to court. As a result, the battlelines between the secular and sacred - between civil authority and the Scriptural responsibilities of parents - have intensified. Lawmakers in 28 states are trying to push a "Parental Rights Amendment" through the legislatures. The bill would prohibit any federal, state, or local government from "interfering with or usurping the right of a parent to govern the upbringing of a child" unless there is a "compelling interest" such as abuse or neglect.

I trust that all efforts that are being made on behalf of this bill are fruitful. I support it 100%. But, I believe that it might be compared to using a Band-Aid to treat a cancer patient. Too little, too late.

These are dangerous days, and even more dangerous days are just ahead. So, what can we do to protect our children? I have two suggestions:

Proverbs 22:6 instructs us to "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." The word "train" comes from the Hebrew word chanak, which means "to train, to nar- row, to dedicate."

Build a spiritual "hedge of thorns" around your family. (Hosea 2:6) It is increasingly,difficult to shield our children from the baser things which our civilization produces. Just driving down the street exposes one to filth that was nearly unimaginable a few years ago. But, as much as possible, I believe we should "narrow" that exposure. Know what they are reading. Know what they are watching (Walt Disney is not just Bambi anymore).

Secondly, do not introduce your child to a worldly, materialistic, value system. Providing for the material needs of your family is a Christian's duty, but it is easy to get tangled in the net of "bigger and better." Check your priorities, and as often as you can, invest "time" in your children, instead of money. Teach character. Present Jesus Christ to them. O

Signs Of The Times


One of the latest perversions being marketed to Christians is the ready-to-use, hermetically double-sealed Communion cup. It comes complete with instructions:

1) To remove wafer, peel back top seal. 2) Pickup the wafer and eat...!

On the market since March, already more than 4,000 churches across the United States have replaced their Communion trays with these prepackaged, disposable containers of wafers and wine. These fast-food sacraments are being promoted as offering "new opportunities for the communion experience." The small plastic container (similar to the plastic, single-servings of cream you find in restaurants) contains both wine (or juice, if you choose) and a penny-sized wafer of bread. One of the advertised advantages is that the product has a shelf life of one year.

I can't help but wonder what the Elijah prophet would have to say about this latest dis-service to God's ordinance to the church.

- According to the latest world Health Organization report, five hundred million dollars a year must be spent if we are to prevent the resurgence of tuberculosis, and prevent it from turning into a global catastrophe. In 1995,three million people died from the disease, more than at the peak of epidemics in the late 19th century, when modern antibiotics were unavailable. TB is one of humanity's oldest and most prevalent killer bugs, and outbreak sof resistant strains are now being reported all over the developed world.

Prayer Requests

O Brother and Sister Cain of Texas request that their grandson, John, be remembered in prayer, that he may find suitable employment.

O A sister asks the saints to pray for the salvation of her Fiend, and that she will find work soon for herself.

O Brother Conrad Henry requests the prayers of the saints for deliverance from a spirit of oppression that has been attacking him.