May, 1996

"We have more wealth than we
have ever had; and yet, less is
being accomplished spiri1ually. It
is not with money that God works.
He moves by His Spirit. And that
moving of the Spirit comes only to
a life consecrated to the Word."

CHURCH AGES, page 119

The language of high finance has always been a bit of a mystery to me. And since I possess neither the means nor the know-how that it takes to participate in the stockmarket, I have never given to much consideration to the daily reports from Wall Street, or much cared whether or not the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up or down.

The fact is, I have an incredible piece of "insider information" that helps me with all my investment planning. Would you like to know what it is? Just this: The economic control of this nation - and the world - will very soon be under the management of Rome, as the Antichrist steps to the forefront, masquerading as an"angel of light," and deceives the world with his promise of a man-made millennium. But, before the Antichrist fully establishes his kingdom, where the mark of the beast will be required for all commercial transactions, the Elect will be in Glory.

Based on that information, my investment strategy is this: Keep hoeing (1), and live for others. The only equity I'm interested in building is in things that are Eternal. But I do believe that it is worth while to pause once in a while, and take a look back down the row to see how far we've come...

In 1962, when Brother Branham preached "Stature Of A Perfect Man," he pointed out that our nation was faced with an impossible debt (it was three hundred billion dollars at the time), and we were borrowing even then against tax money that would not be collected for forty years. That was thirty-four years ago, and the bankruptcy that loomed on the horizon-then is now at our door! Just how much higher can our national debt go before it reaches "self destruct" and we have to look elsewhere to be bailed out, signaling the onset of a worldwide economic system, ruled by Antichrist? Let's look at the figures.

We are not shocked by big numbers anymore. A million is nothing. A billion, a hundred billion... how about a trillion! Nearly routine. Frankly, I believe that our sense of reality has become numb, and we no longer actually comprehend what these figures represent. Think about this: If you counted non-stop, without eating or sleeping, it would take approximately 23 days to count a million. To count a billion would take a life time - 95 years. But for a trillion, make that 2,000 centuries - 20,000 years!

A nearly incomprehensible number! Yet, this morning, the "national debt clock" on the Internet stood at $5,100,082,040,160.38.

That's five trillion, one hundred billion, eighty two million, forty thousand, one hundred sixty dollars and thirty eight cents. And how fast is that figure growing? Our government spends money at the rate of $4.5 billion everyday. Of that amount, $770 million is borrowed - that's a half million dollars of borrowed money per minute.

But the government keeps telling us that the economy is strong. And on Wall Street, trading has been hitting all-time highs. So what's going on?

Let's say you have a home that is worth $100,000. There is a mortgage on that home for $75,000, and yet, when you list your net worth, you include the full value ($100,000) of your home, without listing the mortgage as a liability! That would make your economic situation appear to be in a far better state than it actually is.You are not wealthy in reality, but on paper you have created an illusion of wealth for yourself.

Our economy is built on just such an illusion. Our wealth exists only on paper. (Before April 19, 1933, an American dollar bill represented a dollar's worth of gold or silver coin. President Franklin D.Roosevelt eliminated that standard in favor of a credit system where the dollar is actually a dollar's worth of credit, backed by the wealth of the citizenry.) Thus our wealth is not an actual wealth, but an ability to borrow, and an economy built on credit can only survive as long as the borrowers are able to pay their debts. We know what will happen when we can no longer pay up.

Wall Street also operates on borrowed money; they call it 'leverage.' In April, 1991, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (which represents the average stock prices of 30 industrial firms) stood at 3000. It had taken the market 60 years to reach that point, yet only three years later it was at the 4000 mark, and incredibly, nine months later, the Dow passed 5000 points. These exaggerated stock values cannot continue to climb forever.

In this month's issue of The Jerusalem Report magazine, business reporter David Rosenberg writes: "Israeli high-tech companies have been staging a mass rush to Wall Street. Last year alone, they raised $500 million from initial public offerings, compared with $250 million in 1994. If the stock market in the U.S. holds up, another $800 million is likely to be raised this year....One reason for the urgency being felt by companies and underwriters:The ominous signs of an impending downturn on Wall Street.... The window of opportunity could be closing."2

Like a wave on the ocean, that builds and builds before it comes crashing down, the world's borrowed-out economy has no place left to go. Brother Branham was able to see this wave years ago, and spot its purpose and destination - a careful manipulation of behind the-scenes events that would move the world towards an economic crisis, causing the people to cry out for a leader who is able to solve their problems. And that leader will be none other than the Pope of Rome, who possesses the consolidated powers of both church and state. And under his leadership, the Revived Roman Empire will rule the entire world for a period of time (Revelation 13:7- 8). All but the Elect will be swayed by his promises of freedom of religion and human rights, until it is too late.

"Now, when he gets the money all under control, then he will break this covenant with the Jews, as Daniel, here [Daniel 9:27] said he would do it, in the midst of the last half of the seventy weeks of Daniel. And then, brother, what will he do? He will have all of the world trade and commerce - a pact with the world - because he will hold the wealth of the world, completely!

And during that time, them two prophets will rise on the scene and call that 144,000. Then what will takeplace? The Mark of the Beast, of Revelation 13, will set in, because he holds all of the commerce, trade and everything of the world. And what will take place then? The Mark of the Beast will come in that no man can buy or sell except him that has the Mark of the Beast. Thank God, the Church will be enjoying a great three and one half years in Glory, and won't have to go through that."


From where we stand right now, it appears that all the elements are present for several finely orchestrated, global crises to fall into place.Have you ever considered what the following events have in common: The collapse of financial systems (ours and others), the environmental movement, people's rights activists, and the Middle East peace process? The seseemingly unrelated social and political movements are situations that can be manipulated in order to produce a desired result! Maybe they are not as unrelated as they may initially appear to be.

President Roosevelt, who we mentioned earlier as being responsible for the demise of the gold standard in the American economy, once said,"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." Even if we lay all the sensationalized conspiracy theories aside, there still remains overwhelming evidence that certain group shave been working together for many years in a quiet but calculated manner to bring about the global changes that are now at our door. Less than ten years ago, we began to hear rumors of something called the New World Order, the one world government that we know is the kingdom of the Antichrist. But in reality, how long has this beast of Revelation 13 been dictating the policies of our government?

Here is what Brother Branham had to say when John F. Kennedy was elected president of the United States in 1960 (the first Roman Catholic to ever hold that office):

"I do no think that Mr. Kennedy will have much effect now,because he will make a wonderful president in order to bring in the others, to get a scene set..."

"I believe he will make a good president. It's not him, it's that system behind him. Wait till she gets wormed into the cabinet and everywhere she can, then watch what happens."

Kennedy was placing the men that would create the policy for the nation, laying the groundwork, and setting into motion events that would lead to a pre-planned objective. Can there be any question remaining as to HOW our economy came to be on the verge of collapse? The crisis has been created to make a platform for the 'hero' that is waiting to walk on stage.

1. 'This is my post of duty. I want to be standing right here, preaching, when He comes, saying the same things I am. Then, when He comes, I will just move right on out with Him. If I'm hoeing potatoes, I will just be hoeing away, just as hard as I can. When He comes, I will just drop the hoe and take off."

2. "Burnt Offerings," by David Rosenberg; The Jerusalem Report, May 2, 1996; page 42.

John Wesley's Spoons

We all know that John Wesley was God's messenger to the Philadelphian church age, and that he introduced the doctrine of sanctification to the 18th-century church. However, few are aware of the fact that, in his day, Wesley was one of England's wealthiest men!

In an age when a man could live comfortably on an income of 30 a year, Wesley's annual income often reached 1,400, from preaching and the sale of his writings. However, he had many ideas about the right and wrong uses of money, and he often preached against the sins of the wealthy - such as the decline of godliness, over confidence in their own opinions, and the neglect of personal evangelism. And, he strictly practiced what he preached. Instead of indulging in the luxurious lifestyle which his income would have afforded, throughout his life Wesley limited his own personal expenses to less than 30 per year, and contributed the remainder of the fortune he earned to ease the burdens of the poor.

In 1776, the English tax commissioners inspected his tax return (yes, even in 1776!) and they wrote to him saying, "[We] cannot doubt but you have plate [silverware] for which you have hither to neglected to make entry." They naturally assumed that a man of his prominence certainly had silver dinnerware in his house, and they wanted to make sure he paid the proper taxes on it! But Wesley wrote back, "I have two silver spoons at London, and two at Bristol. This is all the plate I have at present, and I shall not buy any more while so many round me want bread."

When he died in 1791, the only money he possessed was in the form of a few coins that were found in his pockets and on his dresser. The vast wealth that he had earned in his lifetime had all been given away.

Wesley's Advice Concerning Money

God is the source of the Christian's money. None of us really earns money by our own cleverness or work, for God is the one who gives us the energy and intelligence. He is the true source of all our wealth. (from On the Danger of Increasing Riches)

Christians must account to the Lord for how they have used money. No one should ever waste money now, planning to make it up to the Lord later. "How long are you to stay here?" Wesley asked those who were spending excessive money on themselves. "May you tomorrow, perhaps tonight, be summoned to arise and go hence, in order to give an account of this and all your talents to the Judge of quick and dead?" (from On Dress)

Christians may no more buy luxuries for themselves than they may throw their money away. But if we are determined to waste God's money, it would be better to actually throw it into the sea rather than spend it extravagantly. At least throwing money into the sea hurts no one, while spending it needlessly on ourselves poisons all who see it with "pride, vanity, anger, lust, love of the world, and a thousand foolish and hurtful desires." (From On Dress)

Brother James Curtright requests prayer for healing of his ears. He has been deaf since birth.

Brother Edward Kronshagen of Chicago asks for the prayers of the saints for heart trouble, diabetes, and dizziness.

Please pray for two young sisters who were seriously injured in an automobile accident. Sister Kezia Chriesman and Sister Amber Lee, both from Idaho, are in the hospital in critical condition. Also pray for the parents.

Sister Shirley Miller requests prayer for her entire family, who is going through trials.

Sister Libertad Robles asks prayer for her family.

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