Who Are The Palestinians?
Who Was Yasser Aarafat?

These questions require our utmost attention. A factual answer to these questions will show whether or not those who call themselves "Palestinians" have any right whatsoever to a portion or ALL of the Land called Israel. The PA, the leaders of the 'Palestinians' would have us to believe that they deserve a portion of the land of Israel to make what they call a "Palestinian Homeland". BUT don't they already have a "homeland"? Isn't there already in existence a Palestinian State in the Middle East? Yes, indeed - in fact it has been established since 1946.

Of course, this information is swept under the carpet as the PA, lie time after time, to their own people and the world. They would like us to believe that all they want is peace in a "homeland" of their own; when in reality their words are like butter (or maybe I should say 'oil') before the face and a drawn sword behind the back. Their actions over the past 40 years prove that they (the PA) cannot be trusted. They only want "this" today, and then they want "that" tomorrow. They attach "these" conditions today and then tomorrow they add another twist just to confuse the people. They're hoping to wear out Israel's patience and cause them to do something that will turn the whole world against the little State of Israel - this will of course lead to the final war - the Battle of Armageddon.

A little History Lesson

First of all let's settle this very important issue regarding a "Palestinian State" - There NEVER was a "Palestinian" State in the land of Israel or anywhere else, UNTIL the British, in 1946 gave land to Arabs to establish a state which became then and remains today a Palestinian State. The Land which the British gave to the Arabs did NOT include Israel. Re East Jerusalem and the West Bank, we'll discuss this later in our lesson. But during the last 3000 plus years there have been only two "autonomous, self-governing States" in the Land now known as Israel; and those two States are "historical" Israel and the present "restored" Israel. Other nations have conquered and ruled Israel, making the area a part of their over-all domain; but only when under Jewish control was the Land recognized as a self-governing State.

Concerning Jerusalem, only the Jews have ever recognized this city as their "Capital". It became the focal point of their religion and worship. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem became (and remains) the holiest of all religious sites for the Jews. The City was NEVER considered 'Holy' by anyone except the Jews. Because of our Christian roots in Judaism, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount is held in high regard and and holy reverence by millions of Christians. It is only in recent years that the Arabs, for propaganda purposes have attempted to turn Jerusalem into a 'holy' site for Muslims. It was NEVER considered a 'holy' site to the Arabs. In fact Muslims pray, facing Mecca, with their back to Jerusalem. ONLY the Jews pray, facing Jerusalem. Historically and legally, only the Jews have any claim to Jerusalem. It's about time that the United States and the United Nations call the Arab hand on this claim.

Just over 2000 years ago the Land of Israel was conquered by the Romans; from Roman hands it fell into the hands of the Muslims. Then the Crusaders had their turn but lost it to the Mamaluks, who in turn lost it to the Turks and the Turks lost it to the British after the First World War. At no time was the land ever taken (captured) from any people or culture known as the "Palestinians".

There isn't now and NEVER was a Palestinian culture per se. Those who dwelt in the land which had come to be called Palestine, were from different cultural backgrounds (mainly Jewish and Arab) and ALL were known as Palestinians. In fact, ANYONE (Jew, Syrian, Egyptian, etc.) who lived in that geographical area was referred to as a Palestinian - culture and language had nothing to do with it. Therefore, up until 1948 (restoration of the Jewish State) the Jews were also called Palestinians. After the Second World War the primary cultures represented in the Land was Jewish and Arab - NOT PALESTINIAN. Those who today, falsely call themselves "Palestinians" are Arabs, indistinguishable from Syrian, Jordanian, Egyptian and Iraqi Arabs - the same language and culture. The only true and exclusive culture that has been in the land for over 3000 years is that of the Jews.

In 1897 the first World Zionist Congress expressed their desire to establish (in the ancient land of Israel) a Homeland for the Jews, recognized by other world powers. In 1917 Great Britain also expressed that they would like to establish a Homeland for the Jews - in the ancient land of Israel - then known as Palestine. In 1922 the League Of Nations gave Great Britain a mandate to establish a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. But because of Oil and Arab influence Great Britain reneged on the mandate. To this day England continues to pay a great price for it's treatment of the Jews. Great Britain has gone down the tube - morally, spiritually, economically and politically. They FAILED in their moral and Spiritual obligation to Israel, because of Politics and oil.

After the Second World War the British gave about 80 percent of the land known as Palestine, to the Arabs - rewarding them for their help during the wars. That portion became known as Jordan - not an ancient land, but a modern young nation. MOST of the citizens of Jordan are Palestinians, making Jordan a predominantly "Palestinian State". WHY are the "Palestinians" in Israel demanding what they already have - a homeland? One problem, the Jordanian government considers all Israeli Arabs (Palestinians), especially West Bank Arabs as refugees. There are thousands of former West Bank Arab residents in "refugee" camps in Jordan. They either refuse or are not allowed to be absorbed into Jordanian society. Just think - they speak the same language, have the same culture and religion, but living in refugee camps AMONG THEIR OWN PEOPLE. WHY is the United States, other countries and United Nations so blind to these facts??? Are they really blind to it OR are they deliberately ignoring it because of their fear of Arab reprisals??? Modern day politicians are suffering from political dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Prior to the Second World War Hitler increased his persecution of the Jews. Many of them, fearing what was coming, were on the move trying to get into other countries - refused entry they headed for Palestine. The Arabs objected to the Jews coming to Palestine. And Great Britain wanting the Arabs on their side in the event of another war with Germany, produced a "White paper" limiting the immigration of Jews to 1500 a month. this figure was a 'drop in the bucket' compared to the number of Jews who were fleeing Hitler's 'final solution'.

In 1947 the U.N. General Assembly appointed an eleven nation commission to report on the situation in Palestine and recommend a solution to the on-going battle between Jews, the British and Arabs. In August of that year they submitted a majority report recommending the partition of the land into two separate Arab and Jewish States. A detailed plan of the partition procedure was passed by the General Assembly on November 29, 1947. Representatives of the Arab nations left the meeting after the vote, declaring their refusal to accept the plan. Fighting broke out immediately after the General Assembly vote. NOTE that it was not the Jews who initiated the fighting but rather, the Arabs, attacking Jewish farms and settlements - the Jews defended themselves.

A five nation commission appointed to supervise the partition lacked the military forces to control the violence; and to add to their frustration, Great Britain, favoring the Arabs, prevented the commission from entering Palestine until the following spring (1948). As the fighting between Arabs and Jews increased, the British again showed their anti-Jewish feelings by failing to evacuate a port for Jewish use in bringing in refugees and supplies, as specified by the United Nations timetable. While Britain prevented the Jews from re-inforcing it's strength to withstand the Arab attacks, they allowed the Arabs to be reinforced by detachments of irregulars, trained and armed in the surrounding Arab nations.

When Great Britain finally pulled out of Palestine they favored the Arabs and harassed the Jews. On May 13 1948 the Arab League declared that the forces of it's member nations would enter Palestine immediately after the British departure to "administer" Palestine until an "Arab State" could be established throughout the country, preventing the formation of any Jewish State. On May 14 the British High Commissioner and the last British troops sailed from Palestine. That night, the State of Israel was proclaimed by Jewish leaders, and a provisional government was established. Almost simultaneously, the regular armies of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and Transjordan crossed the Palestine frontier and attacked Jewish settlements. The fighting escalated in war.

The U.N. attempted to persuade the Arabs to observe a 'cease-fire'. As long as 'they' appeared to be winning the Arabs refused. When it seemed as if they were losing they agreed to a cease fire. It lasted four weeks - not long, but long enough for the Israel to strengthen it's forces. When the cease-fire ended on July 9, they launched offensives in the northern and central sectors, capturing Western Galilee, thus gaining ALL of Northern Palestine, and capturing Lydda, important for it's airport and it's location near the Tel Aviv - Jerusalem Highway. Under these circumstances, the Arabs readily agreed to another cease-fire but continued to oppose the existance of any Jewish State. AMAZING! Why are so many Arabs afraid of one little Jewish State???

Remember, in 1948 when the United Nations voted to partition Palestine, 80 per cent of the land had already been given to Transjordan (now Jordan). Therefore, half of the remaining 20 per cent was given to the Jews for a Jewish State. After 2500 years Israel was "restored" as one nation again in it's OWN Land. Within hours of declaring the "State Of Israel", the 620,000 Jews in the Land were forced to defend their State against 80 million Arabs, who had sworn to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea - WHAT HATRED! The Arabs (Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Iraqi) already possessed over 99 per cent of the land in the Middle East and they begrudged the Jews less than one per cent of the Land.

Remember this also - When the surrounding Arab nations declared war against the 'reborn' State of Israel, the Jews DID NOT tell the Arab Palestinians to leave Israel. The surrounding Arab nations told them to leave, informing them that when they had driven the Jews into the sea, the Arab Palestinians could return and take possession of the land. Therefore, the Arab Palestinians left Israel and moved to the "West Bank" (Judea and Samaria) which was then considered Jordanian territory. There, they waited for 80 million Arabs to drive 620,000 Jews into the Mediterranean Sea - but it NEVER happened. The Jews, with the help of the God of Abraham, withstood the onslaught of the heavily armed forces of six Arab nations, and maintained the State of Israel. NOW, what were the Arab Palestinians to do? They were now in self-imposed exile in the West Bank area of Jordan.

There was a solution - the surrounding Arab nations could have very easily absorbed these Arab Palestinians. But they deliberately chose NOT to do it. They also chose NOT to give any aid to these Arab Palestinians who were now living in impoverished conditions in the West bank area of Jordan. One Arab nation, Saudi Arabia, gave more than 30 billion dollars to Iraq, to help that nation in it's war with Iran - but Saudi Arabia NEVER gave one penny to the Arab Palestinians. In the eyes of the world they would blame Israel for what had happened to the Arab Palestinians, who left their homes, etc as a result of Arab influence. Though surrounded by wealthy Arab nations, these Arab Palestinians were fed and clothed (for 19 years) by the United Nations, with the United States paying for 90 per cent of the cost. The Arabs NEVER paid a dime.

Up to this point in our lesson, these Arab Palestinians are in the West Bank of the State of Jordan. Let's continue with history's record of the Palestinians.......

In 1956 Israel is forced into another war with the Arabs. Again Israel was victorious. But, still the Arabs persisted in their determination to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. One thing is certain about the politicians of the Western world - every one of them must have scored a "D" in their history exams OR they're turning a blind eye to the blatant facts of history. Since 1948 Arab "aggression" against Israel has been constant. Yet, the Arabs would have us believe that Israel is the aggressor. Does Islam promote such 'bold face lying'? The record of history is totally different from what the Arabs are trying to get us to believe.

In 1967 the Arab nations planned yet another war to drive the Jews into the sea. Following their policy of "pre-emptive strikes", Israel in learning of the planned attacked, struck a death-blow to the Syrian, Jordanian, and U.A.R. Air Forces - destroying almost 400 of it's planes before they became airborne. This war is known as the "Six-Day War" because within six days Israel had once again been absolutely victorious over the surrounding Arab nations. At the start of the war most of the world believed that 'this time' Israel was doomed - but not so - the God of Abraham was true to His promise to defend Israel.

In a desperate attempt to bring Jordan into the war, Nasser of Egypt, phoned the King of Jordan. Israeli intelligence intercepted the call. Nasser "lied" to the King of Jordan saying that Egypt was defeating and driving the Jews into the Sea. Believing Nasser's lie, Jordan committed 200,000 troops to the already lost war.

Before a U.N. cease-fire had taken effect on June 10, the Israelis had taken the Gaza strip, and the Sinai Peninsula from the U.A.R. and the 'newly formed' Palestinian Liberation Army forces, the old city of Jerusalem and the West Bank of the Jordan River from Jordan (and NOT the so-called Palestinians), and the Golan Heights overlooking Galilee from Syria. After taking the old city of Jerusalem, Israel placed other captured areas under military control.

You would think that after 19 years (1948 - 1967) and losing (in a big way) three major wars with Israel, that the Arabs would learn their lesson. No, not by a long shot. In just six years the Arabs would once again attempt to drive Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. October 6 1973, Yom Kippur, the most sacred day in the Jewish calendar; on this day Syria and Egypt would launch another war against Israel. This war would be remembered as the 'Yom Kippur War'. The first hours of this war would cost Israel dearly because they were caught of guard by Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian forces. But in the end Israel's enemies would pay a higher price. Again, Israel was victorious - by the Grace of God.

Miraculously, Israel held off the enemy and once it's forces were mobilized they chased the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armies to within miles of their countries capital cities. Not that they wanted to, but Israel could have taken over all these countries. Under pressure from the USA (because of moves by Russia) the Israelis halted their progress and pulled back. When Israel was losing the war, few of the nations of the world would say a word. But when the Arabs started to lose the nations were in an uproar - Why? Because the U. N. is dominated by Arabs, generally anti-Israel and third world countries. And there appears to be one law for the world and another law for Israel - Whatever any other nation won in a war - they kept; but Israel is forced to give it back.

Of course, the details of this last major war are in the History books, but where were the "Palestinians" is all of this. Well, most of them were still in the West Bank. And when Israel captured the West Bank from the Jordanians in 1967, these ARABS (called Palestinians) came with it. In 1981, under the orders of then Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, the areas captured in 1967 were declared to be part and parcel of the State of Israel. The Arab Palestinians and neighboring Arab countries were furious. The Arab Palestinians had been waiting for years for their Arab Brothers to wipe Israel off the map so that they could go in and form another "Arab" State, according to the May 13, 1948 Arab League of Nations plan. That was the "original" plan - to establish in Palestine, from Jordan to the Mediterranean; from Lebannon and Syria to Egypt, an ARAB STATE. This cry for a Palestinian homeland is a facade behind which the Arabs are hiding. They want no western style democracy in the area. This would also please Russia.

Knowing that they're not able to destroy Israel by means of a military war they have instigated a "holy war". But even this will fail. According to prophecy we know that eventually, the Arab determination to destroy Israel will lead to the war to end all wars - The Battle Of Armageddon. After this battle the God of Abraham will sit up His reign of a thousand years of peace, wherein Israel will be "the" nation and "the" Son of David will reign on the Throne of David.

So, WHO are the Palestinians? Simple, they are Arabs whose roots can be traced back to Syria, Egypt and other Arab countries. DO they have any historical or legal claim to the Land of Israel or Jerusalem? No! Israel alone has the historical, legal and Divine right to the Land and Jerusalem.

Who Was Yasser Aarafat?

He is actually an Egyptian who headed the Palestinian Liberation Organization - the almost forgotten PLO. They changed the name hoping to change their terrorist image. Now they're called The Palestinian Authority (PA). But Arafat was, and still is a terrorists hiding behind the facade of a politician. Arafat has engineered the hijacking of planes in which passengers have been terrorized and killed. His henchmen hijacked a cruise ship and an American in a wheelchair was ruthlessly murdered.

It was Arafat who masterminded the murder of Israeli athletes in the Olympics held in Germany. The massacre of airline passengers at the Paris airport was another of his jobs. He has also sent terrorists into Israeli schools to murder innocent children. In 1993 Arafat sponged off the blood and gore to represent the Palestinian cause at the Oslo peace conference. He immediately became President Clinton's boy to bring peace to the Middle East.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to go along completely with Arafat's 'wants', President Clinton sent his political henchmen to Israel to remove Netanyahu from office and replace him with Barak - a leader who would be more likely to tow the American line.

It is now being acknowledged by seasoned political observers that Arafat and the Palestinians DO NOT want peace with Israel. They simply DO NOT want an Israeli or Jewish nation ANYWHERE. Their mindset is that they can lose 99 wars to Israel; but all they have to do is win the 100th. war. Therefore, even if Clinton, or any American President, could force Israel to give Arafat ALL of jerusalem for his "so-called" Palestinian nation, there would be no peace. Off course, without Jerusalem Israel would become just another dwindling third-world country. To make a tenuous peace contract with Arafat and the Muslim world is like trying to sleep peacefully with a bed full of rattlesnakes.

The Scriptural Truth remains, that there will be no peace in the Middle East until Messiah comes. Regardless of how many times an American President might hug Arafat or how many cups of coffee he is served at the White House or Camp David. Therefore, we must keep "praying for the peace of Jerusalem" and at the same time pray for those who are caught up in the hatred, death and destruction in the Middle East - both Israelis and Arab/Palestinians. Thousands of Palestinian Christians also need our prayers as they personally witness the building of the "road to Armageddon".

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