The William Branham Home Page
Pioneering The Ministry Of The Forerunner
To The Second Coming Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In July of 1995 a deacon approached his Pastor with the idea of putting "The Message" on "the Internet". He took me into his office, turned on his computer and briefly explained what "the Internet" was and how it worked. But to his amazement and mine, when we did a search using the name of "William Branham" we came up with "NOTHING". we did locate another Branham name - some young man who was into sports and some weird "dungeons" game. The deacon concluded his demonstration with the question: Would you like to put up a web site about Brother Branham and The message?

I knew absolutely NOTHING about computers or computer HTML language. But within three weeks we had the "first" witness online, testifying of the Ministry of the Forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ - The William Branham Home Page was born to bear witness to a new generation of human beings that are daily traveling the World Wide Information Highway. It is said that over one hundred million people travel this highway. Within a few months three or four other ministries had other homes pages online. Today, when one types in the name of "William Branham" instead of "zero hits", they will get almost 60,000 "hits". TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

We are not only witnessing to those who have never heard "The Message", but we have discovered that many 'Believers' are 'feeding' on the "Spiritual Food In Due Season" and are being refreshed in their faith.

Via the Internet the Message of the Forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ is going forth "lip to ear" (audio), the printed page and "Video", reaching into areas where Christians and Christianity are forbidden. The foundation of God standeth sure, the Lord knoweth them that are His.....and He will reach everyone of them - His way.

We covet your prayers for The Internet Operation here in 'Newfoundland'. Indeed, through the Message Of The Hour, we are pointing the people to the "New-Found-Land" of the promised Word. We are calling ALL Believers to "Come Back To The Homeland" - THE WORD FOR THIS HOUR! The hour of His Coming for His Bride is upon us now.

The William Branham Home Page is a Non-Profit Christian Ministry Of the Bible Believers Association In St. John's, (Mt. Pearl), Newfoundland, Canada; and is wholly funded by the tax-deductible donations of our supporters.  

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