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The Seven Church Ages are closed out by the Prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7. The Seventh and Last Age is crowned with what we call, "A Bride Age" which comes to it's climax with the Resurrection of the dead and the Rapture or Catching Away of the Living Saints.

It is in this "Bride Age" that the Captsone comes down (revelation 10:1) to put His Life in the Bride, for the Rapture. The Message being presented is a Message of "Rapturing Grace" to give "Rapturing Faith". Moses didn't come with Noah's Message; Elijah didn't come with Moses' Message; John Wesley didn't come with Martin Luther's Message; Pentecost didn't come with Wesley's Message; Neither are we presenting the Pentecostal Message - We're offering you "The Bride Message".

Here is what the Prophet had to say about "The Bride Age":

Quotes From:

We are in the last days. We all know that. And we are ready for the coming of the Lord. The thing to do is separate yourself from all sin. Separate yourself from anything that pertains to the world. Don't love the world or the things of the world. Let no man, by his creed, deceive you. You stay right straight in the promise of God, the Word of God; and that Word if It is the Word, for this age, God vindicates It so. If He doesn't, it is not the Word for this day. The Word that fell on the day of Pentecost will not work this day. No sir, that was for Pentecost. This is for the Bride - going Home of the Bride. We got something different. The Pentecostals represented that again. We are in the Bride age. No more than the Word of Noah would have worked in the days of Moses. No more than Moses' Law would have worked in the time of Paul, here. He tried to tell them, "You are dead to that. And you cannot have that!" Now it's begin to pull away, the wheat's begin to be seen. This is not a Pentecostal age, this is the Latter-day age, this is the Bride Age, this is the Evening Light, this is when Malachi 4 must be fulfilled to follow God's pattern, this is Luke 17:30 to be fulfilled, this is the book of Jeremiah and all the rest of them, that Joel has spoke of these days. This is that day! "I have heard, Lord, and It was coming, but now I see It with my eye!"

We're not living in a Pentecostal age, we're living in another age. See, we're not living in a Methodist age, we're living in another age. We're living on up here to the Bride age, the calling out of the Church and getting It together for the Rapture. That's the age that we're now living. To my honest opinion that's exactly the Truth.

Now, and with patience we have to wait for this, for the prophecies that's promised, every one of them must be fulfilled in its age. For It foretells us, the Author has before done this, and we wait to see Him do it again. What a time it is that we're living in! Something like a calendar; you look at the calendar to find out what day of the year you're living in, and you look at God's Bible to see what age we're living in. We're not living in the Methodist age, the Baptist age. We're living in the Bride age, the calling, bringing back to God through a channel that He promised to bring it back in. He promised to do it.

Didn't Jesus say, "In the last days" (Matthew 24:24) "the two would be so close it would deceive the very genes, predestinated, the Elected One, if it was possible"? Almost like the real thing, see. So, in the last days. Now, you see, it's wheat time now. It's getting harvest time. This is not Luther's age, this is not Pentecost age, this is the BRIDE age.

It's like the Corn of Wheat being planted in the earth -it goes through a growing process until in due season, it reproduces itself at the top. First, the outer shell of the seed dies and rots away giving place to the "Life' within. It comes up through the stem, the leaves, the shuck and then the Wheat. The Prophet said that the shuck represented the Pentecostal Age but the Wheat is The Bride Age. In the Bride Age, Christ, in the Revelation of the Son Of Man (Luke 17:30) is reproduced again in the Twentieth Century, showing the "same sign" and manifesting the "same type of Ministry" He manifested in the days of His flesh 2000 years ago.

This is the hour when the True Bride of The Lord Jesus Christ is coming out of Dark denominational confusion into The Bride Age to be a part of that Earthly Bride who is entering into an invisible union with her Heavenly Bridegroom.

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