To more fully understand what happened to Brother Way, we first need to go back a little in time, and consider what God was doing in Brother Branham's own life and ministry. Let's go back to the Message he preached on December 30th. 1962, entitled, "Is This The Time Of The End, Sir?" In that Message Brother Branham rehearsed recent Supernatural events (dreams and visions), which had taken place in his life, indicating that his ministry was coming to 'it's climax'.

Yet in the midst of all of these Supernatural happenings, Brother Branham still felt that there was 'something wrong' or 'something missing' in his own personal relationship with God. In his December 30th. Message he said:

Something is fixing to happen... Now, I say this with reverence and the fear of God. Last year I said this: the only thing I saw - the revival is over in the nation - this nation anyhow. I took an Evangelistic tour - many of you went with me. Oh, it was alright. We had great times, fine meetings, lots of crowds - BUT it just didn't hit the spot! This year I'm taking a missionary tour - Africa, India and around the world. If that don't work, then I'm neither taking water or food, and I'm climbing some of them high mountains yonder, and I'm going top stay there until God answers some way. I can't live like this. I just can't go on. This may be the answer here. I don't know. Until He changes me...

Do you remember the vision, about three weeks ago, standing in the sun, preaching to the congregation?

In the vision mentioned above, Brother Branham was about to bring the 'climax' to his Message and the people started to lose interest. Most of them began to walk away. He called for them to wait for the 'climax' but they kept on going. Also in the above Message he referred to Six Dreams and in three of the dreams, the people ignored the admonition to stay and wait for the 'climax' of what God was going to do. Brother Branham said, "No One waited to find out."

On September 8th. 1962, the Prophet preach a Message entitled, "Present Stage Of My Ministry". In that Message he said:

"...A"...As far as I have any knowledge of, I've never preached nothing but the WORD. It's been a lot of trouble, and I've went through lots of persecutions and lots of trials. ...Had to separate from many precious friends because of that very statement, "Preach the WORD!"

Jesus, the young Prophet of Galilee, He got a time and He was forsaken. All men who stayed with the God's Word get to that place where they are forsaken by the world and the religious world. ...Notice! ...the forsaking time come. ...And it's arrived for me. No need of trying to rub away from it, it's here and you must take it.

But ALL man has forsaken me because I've took a True WORD, and stood by the WORD. I've stayed right here to what HE said to me: 'Preach the WORD, not a Denominational philosophy'. That was my Commission, "Stay with the WORD!" And, Brethren, who is listening to this on tape: I was a great guy when I come among you, just healing the sick, speaking of visions and showing things. BUT when I went to tell you the Truth about the WORD, WHAT DID YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME FOR? Do you realize it's just the fulfilling what the Scripture said. ...But there's one thing, HE stood by me! I wasn't disobedient to the Heavenly Vision That Happened Down There On The River.

After ALL the "signs and wonder"; Even After the manifestation of the "Mesaiah Sign", the people still refused to listen to the Message that followed those Signs. After Brother Branham labored for years under the strain of the prophectic ministry committed to him, the people, because of their denominations and denominational creeds, "turned their backs" on the Man Sent From God. This caused the Prophet to get a build himself a complex because the people wasn't hearing the Message.

Under the influence of this complex Brother Branham was thinking of leaving the field to become a guide back in the wilderness. He had not informed his congregation of this. But after the Opening Of The Seven Seals God began to deal with His Servant concerning his attitude towards the people. The people were unaware of the struggle that was taking place in Brother Branham's heart. But by the end of May 1963 the Lord had sit his Prophet back on course again. On June 1st. 1963, at a Cottage Meeting in Tucson, in a Message entitled "Come Follow Me" (Graduation), Brother Branham spoke of "A Confession" which he had to make to his church when he got back to Jeffersonville. He didn't elaborate - he just said that he had a confession to make to his congregation.

He had been absent from his church for about three months after the 'Opening of the Seven Seals'. He returned to Jeffersonville for the weekend of June 23rd. He ministered twice on Sunday. During the morning Message he told the people what his intentions had been. That morning Bro. Branham had preached on the subject of "Standing In The Gap". This Message could also be called "A Prophet's Confession". He told his people of the 'complex' he had built. He told them of his intentions to leave the field of service and become a guide in the wilderness. Then he told them how the Lord had stopped him from carrying out his plans. Then he told them of the "sign" of The Seven Mountain Peaks God had shown him in Montana.

BUT, what does all of this have to do with Brother Edmund Way? Well, it so happened that Bro. Way had also built himself a 'complex'. In the same Message that Brother Branham made his confession, he also made mention of Bro. Way's complex. Nearing the end of his Message and just before Brother Way fell over dead in his seat, Brother Branham said:

Pray that God will place into my heart that something that I lost out there in that 'complex'. It's so easy to build a 'complex'. I had an interview the other day with my Brother Way setting here, present. A good man but he built himself around a 'complex', another kind of 'complex'. I did the same thing Brother Way - You can so easily do it. You just get a little something in your mind and keep thinking that way. Go back and check it with the Scripture, see if it's right or not, then go from there.

After making the above statement Brother Branham continued for about another minute exhorting the people. Then he said, "Let us pray now..." It was at that moment that a woman cries out in the congregation. First it was taught that someone had fainted. Brother Branham asked everyone to sit still. Brother Edmund Way had fallen over in his seat. His wife, a registered nurse, checked for his pulse but there was none. It was then she screamed out.

When Brother Branham went down to check the man, Bro. Way's eyes were set, staring straight ahead; his pulse was gone. Realizing the man was dead, the Prophet prayed this prayer...:

Heavenly Father, let Thy mercy be, come to heal Brother Way... In the Name of Jesus Christ, may he be made another man. We give you thanks, Lord, for giving him 'strength into the world'.

Immediately after prayer, Brother Way's heart started beating again. He got up and walked out of the building at the end of the service.

During the Evening service, of the same day, while he was preaching a Message enitled, "Flashing Red Light Of His Coming", Brother Branham made a couple of references to what had happened during the morning service. he was explaining why Bro. Way had fallen dead in his seat...:

...There could be two things. He either got tired, or when I spoke of having a complex, not just to mess my brother up, as we'd say it, because I was making my confession of having a complex. But I don't know if that shock of me saying that to Brother Way, taking it like I might be rebuking him or something, then he fell into this condition, and the Lord Jesus brought him back.

And then it might have been this, I've tried to think of it this afternoon, that I had stood here and with all my heart told you exactly the Truth, and tell you of my complex and make my open confession, and ask you to pray, that my 'inside being' would be changed towards the people, that I could do as the Lord did. And to confirm that He's still would send me to field, He let that happen to show that He still heals the sick and raised up the dead. I think it was no more than a confirmation of what I been preaching about and had been witnessing of the Kingdom of God.

Now, we love Him for that. And we thankful tonight that Brother Way is with us tonight. And surely God has not finished with our brother, or he'd have went on this morning. There's something for Brother Way to do. And I want you to know, Brother Way, that this entire church with myself will be praying that God will show you His plan for your and your wife's life. And as soon as it is materialized will place you in it. I'm sure He will do it, Brother Way. And all of us that's Christians will be thankful for Brother Way. Is that right, church? And I will pray that he and Sister Way will find their place in the Lord for their service in life.

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