The Resurrection Of A Baby

During a series of meeting on Mexico, a woman with a dead baby was trying to get in the prayer line. The child had died nine o'clock that morning and it was eleven o'clock that night before she got to Bro. Branham. She had kept the child wrapped in a blanket waiting for the prayer line to start.

Once the prayer line was called, only those with prayer cards (to keep order) were allowed in the line. But this little mother had no card. Not by any means discouraged, she began to press her way through the crowd. She was desperate to get to the Man Sent from God. The ushers were trying to hold her back. The scene was becoming a distraction. Billy Paul - Bro. Branham's son - ran to the platforn to explain to his father that a woman with a dead baby was trying to push her way to the platform.

Turning to Bro. Jack Moore, Bro. Branham ask him to go down and pray for the baby. Just as Bro. Moore was about to leave the platform a Vision broke before Bro. Branham. In the Vision he saw a little Mexican baby laughing and looking at him. The Prophet called to Bro. Moore, "Wait Bro. Jack! I've seen a Vision! Bring the little lady to the platform."

When she stood before Bro. Branham, the Lord showed what had happened to the child and when the child died. He then asked the congregation to bow their heads as he prayed, "Heavenly Father, I don't know what it's all about, but I just seen a lttle baby in the vision. I ask for your mercy to this little lady and this child in Jesus' Name." Before he finished his prayer the baby began kicking and screaming. then the prople began screaming the praises of Almighty God.

The Doctor was contacted and he gave witness and signed a statement confirming that the child had died that morning in his office.

To God Be The Glory - Great Things He Hath Done