Really, if we lived in the days of Noah would we have believed the very "odd" and "peculiar" Message he was preaching. It had never rained before, and here was a man building a boat on dry land, and preaching that there was a great flood coming. Let's be honest - would we really believe such a Message or consider the man a false prophet, a fanatic?

Let's test our knowledge of the Scriptures. HOW would WE determine whether or not a particular Ministry is a "True Representation" of God and His Word or a "False Representation"? Do we really know WHAT a Prophet Is, or WHERE they fit into the Plan and Purpose of God? Maybe, like the majority of Christians you mistakenly believe that since the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ that God does not use prophets in the New Testament as He did in the Old Testament. If we really WANT to know the answers to these Questions, Then let God CHALLENGE our faith to "Believe Thus Saith The Lord in His Word".

Lets FOLLOW this link to: The True Test to make sure we absolutely know WHO and WHAT we are following and believing.

Remember, It is Written in 2nd. Chron. 20:20..."Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper."