Bibles For Overseas Distribution

As the Lord prospers us we provide KJV Bibles for overseas Assemblies. We Also we endeavour to supply ministering brethren with copies of the "Classic Scofield Bible". We are able to purchase them at a very reasonable price from an online Religious Book Store.

FREE of Charge - We also provide believers all over the world with the MP3s of Brother Branham's sermons. As we request them, the Brethren in the Library of Happy Valley Church in Tennessee, ship the MP3s around the world. The cost is charged to our local Assembly here in St. John's (Mt. Pearl), Newfoundland.

Because we receive very little in the way of online contributions our small local Assembly willingly pay to provide overseas Assemblies and Ministering Brethren with these Bibles and MP3s. We do covet your prayers for our missionary ministry.  

If you felt led of the Lord to help us you can Donate SAFELY to The Ministry of The William Branham Home Page and the Bible Believers Association, Inc. here in Newfoundland. You can SAFELY donate online to this world wide ministry through Paypal or the Canadian Federal Government online Secure Server. The Federal Government will issue an official receipt to the donors and deposit the donations directly into the Bible Believers Association, Inc. Bank Account.


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If you wish you may send check or money order to the address below. A Tax Deductible  Receipt will be issued at the end of the year.

Brother Branham said:
"I've tried it many times not even to pass the collection plate at all, but it don't work. See? Because giving is a part of our religion. It's a part of our duty. No matter if it's just a dime or whatever it is, or a penny, it's all...
                                    A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord: Wm. Branham - 02/17/65

The prophet did remind us: "You've got to do something for God to honor."

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The Bible Believers Association and it's Associate Home Pages is a Non-Profit Christian Ministry Of the Bible Believers Association In St. John's, (Mt. Pearl), Newfoundland, Canada; and is wholly funded by the tax-deductible donations of our supporters.  

To God Be The Glory!