An Authenticated Resurrection

One day Brother Branham and Banks and Lyle Woods, (two brothers who were formerly Jehovah Witnesses) went to Dale Hollow, Tennessee, to fish. The first morning out on the water, Banks and Lyle began to reminisce about a dear old lady from the Church of God who used to give them fresh bread and milk to eat. As they thought about her Christian kindness Banks said to Lyle that they ought to go back and see her and tell her that they were now saved and trying to serve God. When he said that, Brother Branham felt the Spirit of God move upon him, attracting his attention; and a voice said, "Thus saith the Lord, in the next few hours there will be a resurrection of a little animal." Immediately he thought of a little kitten that his son, Joseph, had hugged too hard and then dropped limp on the floor. He thought perhaps it had now died and that a prayer of faith would raise it up for its owner.

They had fished for a few hours, and then Lyle pulled in a little Blue Gill. That fish was tiny, and yet in one bite it had devoured entirely the bait and hook. There was no way to get the hook out, so Lyle simply gave the line a hard jerk and the hook came out, but with it came the gills and intestines of the fish. As he threw the fish into the water he said, "You shot your last wad, little' fella." The little fish gave a flip or two, fell on its side and then floated with the waves, drifting toward the shore.

About 30 minutes later a strange feeling fell over Brother Branham. He looked toward the trees on the shore line and there moving as a whirlwind came the sound of a rushing wind, and the Spirit of God spoke again, "Stand up. Speak to the little fish and it shall have its life."

Immediately he stood to his feet and cried, "Little fish, I give you your life."

That dead fish, which only seconds before was floating on the lapping waves drifting toward shore suddenly flipped over and swam like a shot out to the depths. Banks Woods felt the awe of the miracle and said as did the apostles of old at the mount of transfiguration, "It is good for us to be here."

Lyle felt worried and said, "Brother Branham, that was for me, wasn't it?"

"No," replied Brother Branham. "It was not."

The men were reliable witnesses of this stupendous event.

There have been other cases of the dead being raied up through the Ministry of God's servant and Prophet. We will briefly mention two more cases. During a series of meetings in Mexico A Dead Baby was brought back to life. In 1963, Bro. Branham had just finished his sermon when Bro. Edmund Way, an Englishman, sitting in the congregation, fell over and died. But god moved on the scene.

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