After almost 33 years of service to his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, William M. Branham was summoned to "Come up higher". His prophetic ministry was finished BUT the Message he delivered would live on to inspire the end-time believer to believe for the Resurrection and the Rapture.

He had worn his prophet's mantle faithfully to the end. Having prophetic insight to many things, no doubt he sensed the nearness of the 'end' of his life on earth. He spoke many times of his "home going". On December 5, 1965, in a message entitled "Things That Are To Be" he said, "I'm glad that there's something to get us out of this pesthouse. There's an opened door and it's called death. Jesus stands at that door. Amen! He'll guide me over the river! He'll take me through that door.

And every time your heart beats, you're one beat closer to it. And someday "I" must come to that door. You must come to that door. But when"I" come there, I don't want to be a coward; I don't want to scream and back of. I want to come to that door, wrap myself in the robes of HIS righteousness, Not mine, HIS! By this I know that I know Him in the power of His Resurrection , that when He calls I'll come out from among the dead to be with Him... Wherever this body might fall, and wherever it might land, whatever it is, I'll come out someday, becaused He promised it to me."

In that same Message he also said, "...I'm beginning to get old and know that my days are numbered..." Indeed, his days on earth were numbered. Just three weeks from the time he made that statement, Bro. William M. Branham, on December 24th. 1965 succumbed to his injuries and was gathered unto his people.

For a detailed account of the prophet's 'home going' and also the Memorial Message by Evangelist T. L. Osborn please follow the link to the William M. Branham Memorial Service.

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