I said, "I see a person shadowed to death," black shadow over her. A few weeks ago when I was in a city. And when we're preaching, you're not supposed to take pictures. But someone had a camera. I said to a lady sitting out there, a stranger, (I was in Southern Pines) I said, "There is a shadow over this Miss So-and-so." A lady that I had never seen in my life. "You just come from the doctor, and two cancers, one on each breast, and you are given up. You are shadowed with a black hood, to death."

Something said to a sister sitting by who had a flash camera, "Take the picture." She didn't want to do it. Yet, "Take the picture," and she still refrained. And then again it came. She grabbed the camera and shot the picture, and there it is, scientifically. It is on the bulletin board. Black-hooded shadow.

Then, when the woman believed and prayer was made, a picture shot right straight back behind it, clear. I said, "The shadow has gone." The lady lives by the grace of God.
Sirs, Is This The Time? December 30, 1962

Well then, many times you hear, look out and say, "There is a dark shadow over this person. It's shadowed to death." How many's heard me say that many times (see?), Many times? Well, it happened to be that the camera caught that. And so we've got that here.

A lady that come to a sister and had told her in the meeting in--in Carolina, where we had such a wonderful meeting at Southern Pines... And there, the lady was dying with cancer on both breasts. And the doctors had give her up to die. And the lady just reached down and took her picture just as I told her who she was and where she come from; and I said, "There is a dark shadow over you. You're shadowed to death." And the lady just snaps the picture of this, and there it is on... The mechanical eye of the camera gets the shadow of death.

Have any of you all seen the Ten Commandments and saw the death angel, how it swept in, that dark, gloomy-looking shadow? It's on this picture. And I think it's on the bulletin board now. If it's not, Billy can hear me, why, have him put it on the bulletin board. And it's got the arrow pointing to the person. And the person... The shadow left the woman and... was miraculously healed. But there is like a hood of dark smoke gathered around and hooded over the lady, and hanging off on that cancer, like that, coming from that. Course that's the shadow where death is pouring into her from the cancer.

Well, no matter how much you try to tell people truth, there's somebody going to be suspicious that it isn't truth. And if you always tell the truth, then you know you're right.

Adapted from the book, published by Voice of God Recordings, called "Footprints on the Sands of Time", which is a compilation of excerpts, by William Branham, taken from over one thousand tape recorded sermons.

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