Mother was dying, she said, "Billy, I've trusted and believed you. You've been my spiritual strength, you've guided me to God." I said, "Mama, when I was a boy... Our background, course, Irish, would kind of lean a little Catholic." And I said, "The church said that--that 'They--they was a body of people they had it all, everything they did was all right.` I couldn't believe that, because the Lutherans said, 'We're a body of people, we got it all.` The Baptists said, 'We're the body, we got it all.` There's too many, there's about nine hundred different organizations." I said, "Mama, I couldn't put no trust in that, which one of them is right."

Quotes From: Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness - November 19, 1961

Adapted from the book, published by Voice of God Recordings, called "Footprints on the Sands of Time", which is a compilation of excerpts, by William Branham, taken from over one thousand tape recorded sermons.

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