Brother Branham had just finished ministering to the sick in a prayer line, at W.V. Grants Assembly, in Dallas, TX. March 8, 1964. Leaving the platform, he exited through a back door. A newspaper photographer asked permission to take a picture. Always the gentleman that he was, he graciously consented. The result was the picture shown to the left.

The Pillar of Fire is seen resting on Brother Branham's 'right' shoulder. When Brother Branham was shown this picture a few weeks later, he said, "Put it on the shelf. They didn't believe the others and they won't believe this one either".

This Pillar of Fire had been with Brother Branham since the time of his birth. During his ministry it was photographed several times. When praying for the sick he would watch the Pillar of fire move around the building from one person to another, revealing the "thoughts and intents" of the heart, the past, the present and the future. Concerning this Pillar of fire he said.....

In the Message "UNVEILING OF GOD", preached June 14, 1964:

Father, we pray today that these, Lord, who are not yet through that veil, they're standing out there like Israel, they're watching. They believe, but they've never broke into this yet, to see that great Shekinah Light, both spiritual and physical, insomuch that a mechanical eye of the camera keeps taking the picture. Just two weeks ago caught It again (Above - Dallas, TX). You're revealing Yourself, Lord, the Mighty God unveiled to the believer: still veiled to the unbeliever... May they break through today, Lord, see His great splendor and glory.

In the Message "CONVINCED THAN CONCERNED", preached June 10, 1962:

I believe it with all my heart! Not because I'm an old man, I preached this when I was a kid not over twenty years old. I've been convinced since that day He met me on the river! Hallelujah! I'm convinced that He's here now! I'm convinced that that Pillar of Fire is the same Pillar of Fire that was with Israel in the wilderness, is the same Pillar of Fire with the Church in this. Glory! I'm convinced It's right! I've give my life for It! I've left home and everything else; give everything for It! I'm convinced It's the Truth!
I'm convinced that He's here now! I'm convinced that this Spirit that's here now is the Holy Spirit! I'm convinced that we're baptized into His Spirit right now! I know It's the Truth. I'm thoroughly convinced that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm convinced, perfectly convinced.
That Angel met me up there and told me what he did. I stood before heathens by the thousands and tens of thousands. You say, "Aren't you afraid?" No, sir! I'm convinced that It come from God! I'm convinced because it was Scriptural! I'm convinced that It's the Angel of the Lord. I believe it with all that's in my heart. I'm convinced if we would ask God for anything, He'd give it to us. He's just here. Don't be scared. He's here.
I'm convinced that that very Spirit that you feel, the Holy Spirit that is moving in us, I'm convinced that that's Christ. Amen! I'm convinced that, right now, that This is what I'm looking at, this Circle of Light before me, I'm convinced that's the Holy Spirit! I'm convinced that vision is over my eyes! I know it is. Amen! I challenge every devil in the world, this hour! He's God. Christ is not just a prophet, He is God, nothing short of it.
Something happened. I'm convinced that God is here. Did he give out prayer cards? Any prayer cards? No. We don't need them. I'm convinced that He's here. You believe it? .....Here it is already in the meeting. That lady setting there, she's praying for a nervous condition. Her little girl with her, retarded... Going to believe it? (You have a)Sick mother at home. Have faith; don't doubt. You can have what you ask for.
I'm convinced that the same Angel that come down in the form of a Man and talked to Abraham with His back turned to the tent (yet knowing the thoughts in Sarah's heart), is the same One here tonight. He promised it would be. I believe that that same Angel anoints us, because It was God. Do you believe it?
All right, Sarah, in here somewhere, you speak to God. I'm convinced, sister. I'm convinced, brother. I know it's the Truth.
There's a lady setting behind me. She got a heart trouble. She's setting right behind me. I don't know her. She's standing in front of me (in the vision). She's a middle-age woman. She's not from here, She's from Virginia. Mrs. Stocks, Jesus Christ makes you well, She's setting right in here. This is her right here. You believe? "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."
What do you think about it, lady? Are you and I strangers one another? You believe me to be His prophet? You do? You have a head trouble. That's right. Your name is Mrs. Moore. If that's right, raise your hand. Go home and be healed.
Are you believing? Now, someone appeared before me here; here it is, someone. It's a woman. She's got cancer on the breast. Mrs. Rhodes, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know the woman. God knows her. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." That's right.
Now, it's (Pillar of Fire) circling the building. The whole building's anointed, the whole place. I'm convinced that the Presence of Jesus Christ will heal every person here. Are you convinced the same? You convinced that I tell you the Truth, God vindicates I'm telling you the Truth? Then I command that you stand to your feet and accept your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. If you are convinced, raise your hands up to Him and give Him praise.

In the Message "INFLUENCE", preached March 15, 1964:

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the claim that was made thirty years ago about a Pillar of Fire that the cameras caught - Your Texas camera caught it not long ago (Jan. 1950). Scientific research throwed it through all kinds of research that they could find by the FBI. How did you do it? Took in Texas for Texans. When you see the sign, it cannot be disproved. It's the truth.
But will you believe the voice that follows the sign? The sign is scientifically proved.

Of course, regardless of what God would do through His Servant, some people will NEVER believe. They have nothing on the inside to believe with. BUT the Predestinated, Elected Seed of God, recognize (in the Scriptures), the Sign and the Message that's promised for their day. This Home Page serves a "two-fold" purpose: First, it is to catch the attention of the Seed of God; Secondly it is a Voice sounding forth a Message of warning before Judgement; a Voice sounding out against that which is wrong and in error - that the world might be without excuse.

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