Now, here is something I want to say. I must tell exactly the truth. About sixteen years ago I was in California with Brother John Sharrit, and I was having a meeting, and Meda and I and Brother Sharrit and Sister Sharrit and them were staying in a hotel. And a man named Paul Malicki, who stood right here in this Tabernacle many times, he is a wealthy Armenian, and his wife had given birth to a child up at Fresno, California, where they lived; and was... came down, brought his wife down and called me at the hotel, and said, "Can I bring my wife up, Brother Branham?"

I said, "Yes, you may." The next day I was going to Catalina.

So he brought his wife up, and the little lady was so sick, and she... I said, "Put your hand on mine, Sister Malicki," and I said, "we will see if the Lord will tell us." And as soon as she laid her hand upon me, I said, "Oh, it is Milk Leg."

She said, "I don't seem to have any symptoms."

I said, "You watch." And in two days, they were doctoring her for Milk Leg.

Like little Jimmy Pool here, his little baby, the other day, came in with that heart attack, they thought, and it was an asthmatic attack, and I put my hand on him. I said, "Watch him for a couple of days. He has got measles, and it is coming through. It is the fever. I met him last night. He said, "He is broke out all over in measles."

Now, I was talking to Sister Malicki with her hand. She said, "That is an amazing thing to watch that, Brother Branham." She said, "Does that work on every hand?"

I said, "Well, if there is something wrong with the patient." I said, "Now here, I put my hand on... Many of you stood and watched it, and it didn't do it. I said, "Here, there is nothing wrong with my wife, put her hand... Look here, let me put your hand in mine." She was sitting there, my wife. She put her hand on mine, as soon as she did, I said, "You have a cyst on the left ovary. You do have female trouble."

And she said, "I don't feel any different."

I said, "But you have it." Becky was two years old, my daughter that just played a while ago, she was two years old.

Two more years, Sarah came on the scene. And when... she was a ceasarean. And I asked Dr. Dillman, our doctor down in Corydon, to, "When you have her open, look at that left ovary. He did. He said, "There was nothing wrong that I saw." I put my hand, it was still there.

Four years later, came Joseph. I asked him to look again. "Nothing wrong that I saw." Put my hand, it was still there. So we just forgot about it.

Now this is something that I have to say, that I don't like to say it, but it just has to make truth. See, and that is what you want. Always tell the truth no matter what takes place.

Years had passed, and we never noticed it. And I say this, not because she is sitting there, because I say it when she is not there. You know that. I don't believe there could be a better wife in the world than my wife, and I hope she always remains that way. And I want to be a loyal husband. And I hope that every young man in this building, when he gets married, gets a wife like my wife. I don't know how long we will live that way, but I hope the rest of our days on the earth. We have been very happy together.

God was the one who told me to marry her, at the same time her not knowing I was trying to marry her. Not because I didn't love her, but because I didn't think I was able to make a living for her. And she was a fine woman, I just didn't deserve that. And she went out to pray, and opened up the Bible. She said, "Lord, I have never done this before, but give me a Scripture that will help me. If I have got to forget him, I have got to forget it." Opened the Bible, and she went out in a little shed and prayed. And when she opened the Bible up, Malachi 4, "Behold I send unto you Elijah the prophet." That was twenty-something years ago, knowing nothing about the ministry of this day.

And I was lying down on the river there, and He woke me up one night, I heard Him standing there by the door. He said, "Go get her, and your wedding shall be this coming October, the twenty- third." And that is just exactly what I did. We have lived happy, by the grace of God we have never had one word. She has been a sweetheart.

One day I came in, and she has had to raise these children by herself, me gone in the ministry. Not many women would put up with that. You know that. It would be hard enough... I came in and she said something or the other. We got Joseph back there, and he sure is a boy! And he helped put some of the gray hair in his mother's head, as well as I did. So, he was really all boy, and he had done something real bad, and I said to her... She said to me, "Bill, give him a licking."

I said, "I just ain't got the nerve."

And she said, "Yes, if you had to put up with it!" And she slammed the door right in my face.

Well, I thought, "That is all right, Poor little fellow didn't mean that." I just went on out to wash my car.

When I got out there... The Holy Spirit didn't like it. He said, "Go tell her." I believe it is II Chronicles, 22nd chapter.

I thought at first, "I just imagined that." I just kept on washing.

And It said again, "Go tell her to read this."

And I went in, got the Bible, and read It. It was where Miriam, the prophetess, made fun of her brother, Moses, for marrying an Ethiopian girl, and God didn't like it, He said, "It would be better that her father spit in her face, than her to have done that."

So, Miriam broke out with leprosy, all over. So Aaron came, told his sister, said... came told is brother, said, "She is dying with leprosy."

And so Moses ran in to intercede for her at the altar. And, when he did, the Pillar of Fire come down, God. He said, "Go, call her and Aaron, and bring them here." Aaron was in it, too. So He said, "Call them, to come here."

He said, "If there be one among you," God speaking now to them, "that is spiritual or a prophet, I, the Lord will make Myself known unto him. I'll speak to him in visions and reveal Myself to him by dreams, and reveal dreams, and so forth." He said, "But my servant Moses, there is none in the land like him." He said, "I speak with him from lip to ear." He said, "Didn't you fear God?" See, God didn't like it.

But when I saw that, I run in, and she was in the other room. I knocked on the door, (she had shut herself up) and I told her I wanted to speak to her. I went in there and talked to her, tried to tell her what it was. I said, "Sweetheart, you know how I love you, but God didn't like that. You ought not have said that." Immediately after that, she took a trouble in her side.

We took her over to the doctor here in Louisville, Doctor Arthur Schoen, and he found a tumor on the left ovary, that I had found fifteen or sixteen years before, tumor on the left ovary, about the size of a walnut. I said, "What about it, Doctor?"

He said, "Let's see what happens. Bring her back again in a few months, about two months or something."

We took her back. It had growed from a walnut to about the size of a lemon. He said, "Better come out. It will get soft and turn malignant."

I said, "Well, my!" I said, "We are going to Tucson. The Lord has sent me out to Tucson."

He sent her up to a female specialist, he didn't want her on his hands. So he must have told him about my ministry, because he, the female specialist, said, "It will have to come out." So he said... We told him we were going to Tucson. He said, "Well, I have got a specialist there, a dear friend of mine," he used to live in Tucson. He said, "I am going to send you to him." So he wrote a note and sent it to him, and said, "Mrs. Branham is a nice lady," and went on like that. Sent him the diagram of how big the tumor was, and so forth, it had turned tumor then, and said how big it was, and said, "I know he knew..." I think he called me a "Divine healer," that is all he knew how to put it.

But I said, "I have agreed, if it has to be taken out, take it out." But, it was testing our faith.

Constantly we prayed. And the more we prayed, the bigger the tumor growed, till it got to a place till it was sticking out on her side. We kept it quiet, a few of the people here knew it, trying to see what would happen. On and on it went.

Finally, when I came down from Canada from where I led... the Lord let me lead that tribe of Indians to Christ. And I am going back to baptize them in the Name of the Lord Jesus this spring, the Lord willing. Now, came down, and it was time for her to go when I was in New York, or down here, for her to have another operation, to have the operation, or to be examined for the last time, I went on to New York, and when I came back, I stopped in here and went up after I had the meeting here, the last meeting. I went up there and called her from Brother Wood, and she said, "Bill, I can't even stand my clothes to touch it." It was just way out like this on her side then. And her leg on that side, she just hobbled along. The worst week she had ever had, and she was sitting there listening at me, worst week she had ever had.

And she said, "I have got to go, day after tomorrow, for that examination."

I thought, "O God, if they cut it out, that will keep us from going home at Christmas, and I done told the people I would be there." And I said, "What a time! Oh, my!" I thought, "Tell him, if he is going to operate, 'Let it go a little longer, till Christmas.`" Then I got to thinking, "It might be malignant, and back over here." You know, that is a bad thing. Run back into the kidneys, and if goes malignant, it will kill you. So then, I thought, "What can I do?"

And Meda said, "Well, now, you call me," said. The day that I got in Shreveport, which would be the day after that, when I got in Shreveport, she had to go for the examination. And so she went to the... Mrs. Norman was going, Sister Norman, all of you know her, the people that come here to the Tabernacle, she was going with her to this specialist. And so she said, "Wait till you have your first night and then come back, because there is a difference (two hours) of time, then call me when you come back after that meeting, I will tell you what I have got to do."

And I said, "All right."

So I went on, and the next morning before I left, I was going to get Billy and Loyce. They are both sitting present. And always... we got an old stool there that Brother Palmer covered for us here not long ago, and we always get around that stool and pray whatever we're... oh, ottoman like you know, footstool. Whenever we get around there and pray when I go on a meeting, we ask God to help us.

And I had been up there a couple of days, and I was lonesome. The house... kids gone, and her gone. You know, many of you know I had to go through that one time, go back to an empty house. Only, I buried that wife, Hope. And I... it all over again. When I got down, I thought, "Well, I will pray and then go pick up Billy and Loyce and go on."

So I got down to pray, and I said, "Lord, I miss them this morning around here." I said, "I pray that You will help them and bless them, and may we come back to this place again. And now I said, "They are out there because You sent me out there in a vision, and You fulfilled it. And now I am going to wait to see what You are going to tell me to do next." I said, "I pray that You will be merciful to her." And I said, "Help me in the meeting down there." Then I kept... I said, "Lord, don't let it be malignant. Let that doctor wait till after the first of the year to take it out. I just hate to see her..." I said, "Lord, she didn't mean what she did that morning. She didn't mean that." I said, "Lord, not one time has she ever said one word about me going in the meetings, staying months, or whatever it was, not one time has she ever opened her mouth about it. She has always sent my clothes to the cleaners and washed my shirts, and had everything ready to go in the meeting. And then she wonders how she can serve God." You women, as you serve your husband, you serve God. Of course. And now, and then when I came in all tired, wore out, people coming from everywhere, and I would have to go out somewhere on a fishing trip, or hunting trip. Why, many women would have blowed up at that. What did she do? Got my hunting clothes ready for me to go, let me go. I said, "Lord, she didn't mean that." And I said, "She has had to be cut open three times on account of she was ceasarean." And I said, "Lord, I hate to see her have to do it again."

Just then I heard Something in the room. I looked up, and a Voice said, "Stand up." Said, "Now whatever you say, that is the way it will be."

I waited just a minute, and I said, "Before the doctor's hand shall touch her, the hand of God shall take the tumor away, and it won't even be found."

That settled it to me. I never called her. We went right on, went got Billy and Loyce, and went to Shreveport.

The next night I called her. She was happy, and she said, "Bill, I want to tell you." Now here she is, and she can verify this. Had to hobble her way over there. Went in the room with the nurse and Mrs. Norman, and put her clothes on (the gown) for the examination. The doctor came out, and she could hardly get on the table, the tumor hanging up there so big. And when she... The doctor came in and was talking to her, and he came over to raise back the sheet to touch her, and just before he touched her, it left, and the doctor didn't know which side it was on.

He said, "Wait a minute!" With the drawn diagrams and all the pictures and everything else, he couldn't find one trace of it. He examined her over and over. He said, "I might not be able to explain it, but, Mrs. Branham, that tumor isn't there." And she has never had one symptom of it since.

What was it? Notice, just exactly the way It said it, "Before the doctor's hand can touch it." One split second and his hand would have touched it. How perfect is the Word of the Lord!

Now, there is my wife, and we are both before God. But before the doctor's hand could even touch her body, on the road coming to her like that, something happened. The tumor left. And they couldn't even... he said... I believe it was, wasn't it, sweetheart? "I want to reassure you, Mrs. Branham," (is that right the way he said it? that's right) "that that tumor isn't there. You don't have any tumor." What was it? Just exactly according to the Word of the Lord. Amen.

That is the fifth time. Five is the number of grace. A number of f-a-i-t-h, too. There is no more doubt in my mind. I know what the Third Pull is, and I know what it does. Now be reverent, just keep quiet. The hour will soon arrive, where God is going to do some great things for us.
Look Away To Jesus, December 29, 1963

Adapted from the book, published by Voice of God Recordings, called "Footprints on the Sands of Time", which is a compilation of excerpts, by William Branham, taken from over one thousand tape recorded sermons.