Healing of Sister Branham

Back in about 1950 when Rev. Branham was in California ministering to the sick, he told Sister Millikian who was ill at the time that she was suffering with Milk Leg. The lady felt that since she did not feel any symptoms of such a disease that it was hardly possible that this was true. Brother Branham showed her the sign in his hand that indicated the condition. Then to show her that when one is perfectly well there is no manifestation in his hand, he reached over taking his wife's hand and said, "Now will you notice there is no change in the condition or colour of my hand when I take my wife's hand in mine." But like a bolt of lightning hitting him he spoke out, "Meda, I did not know that there was anything wrong with you. You have a cyst on the left ovary." "Well," said Sister Branham, "I feel perfectly well."

"That is fine," said Brother Branham, "but it is there just the same."

Now Sister Branham does not give natural birth to a child. Her children have been born by way of Cesarean operation. She already had one daughter, Becky, so when she was to be delivered of her second child, Brother Branham asked the doctor to look for the cyst. The doctor did so, but saw nothing. Years went by and she felt fine. Then her third and last child was born. Again the doctor saw no sign of a cyst.

But in 1962 Sister Branham began to feel uncomfortable with a pain in the left side. The side also began to swell a little. She went to see a doctor and was told that she had a cyst that turned into a small tumor. He advised an operation.

However, the family is a family of faith and they were determined to wait upon the Lord. The tumor kept on growing . They moved from Jeffersonville to Tucson. The doctor who was in charge of her in Louisville, Kentucky, wrote a letter and sent reports with her to a new and fine doctor in Tucson. By this time the growth was so large as to cause real discomfort and give the doctors concern lest it be malignant. Yet the operation was postponed, not only to still seek God, but in hopes that she could weather the storm until after Christmas of 1963 in order to allow the family to return to Jeffersonville for the holidays.

Now at this time Brother Branham had just come from New York where he had a series of meetings. He knew how sick his wife was and how needful the operation was. She had just phoned and said that she could hardly walk and the doctor was pressing for an operation. He asked her to bear up a bit and see if she could make it.

Feeling desperately sorry for her, he went into the living room of his home in Jeffersonville (he had stopped off at the old pastorium on his way to a Shreveport meeting from whence he would go to Tucson) and knelt down by the ottoman they usually prayed around as a family. Praying with compassion and sincerity, he begged God to be merciful to her.

Then came the awareness of God. The pillar of fire hung in the room. The voice of God spoke to him, "Stand up on your feet. Say whatever you will and it will be exactly as you say it." Fully aware of this tremendous promise he said, "Let it be that just before the doctor touches her, the tumor will disappear."

Now the very next day Sister Branham and Sister Norman went to see the doctor for another check up. The nurse helped her put on the white gown preparatory for the examination. She could hardly get up on the table. The doctor came in, looked over his charts and then leaned toward her to examine the size of the swelling. Just as his hand descended and was about to touch her, she felt a cool, shrinking feeling in her side. The doctor felt her left side; then he walked around and felt her right side. In a very puzzled manner said, "That swelling was on your left side, wasn't it Mrs. Branham?"

"Yes, sir, it was," said Sister Branham.

He searched intently and finally said. "I don't know what has happened. All I know is that there is no tumor here now. It is gone. I can't explain it but you have nothing to worry about."

When next Brother Branham phoned his wife from Shreveport. She said, "Bill you know that tumor." He broke in, "Yes, honey, I know. It is gone."

She said, "How did you know?"

And he told her what had happened the day before.

To God Be The Glory - Great Things He Hath Done

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