The Creative Word Manifested

Another manifestation of the "Spoken Word" occurred in 1962. In August of 1964, Bro. Branham, sitting in his den room, related these details to Bro. Pearry Green (Tucson, Az.) and Bro. Sidney Jackson (South Africa). The incident took place while Brother Branham was squirrel hunting during the 1962 season. A great squirrel hunter, he had killed one hundred and thrity-four of the animals the year before. His favorite was the little Kentucky grey squirrel, a cagy animal which required great skill to hunt.

On this particular day, by ten oclock in the morning, he hadn't seen a single squirrel. The wind was blowing; the sun was up warming the day, so he decided to take a little nap. He related that he found an ash tree with three forks where he could sit comfortably on the ground and lean back against the forks of the tree. He was meditating on the Scripture, "If Ye say unto this mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea..." He was thinking how he had never preached on that text, but thought also how is IS in the Word.

Just as these thoughts went through his mind, a Voice spoke to him and said, "What do you want now? Say it and you can have it."

As often as he had heard that Voice, yet he was startled. he looked around, wondering where it had come from.

The Voice repeated, "What do you want now? Say it and you can have it."

This time he answered, saying, "Well, I'm squirrel hunting; I'd like to have some squirrels."

The Voice responded, "How many squirrels?"

He found himself thinking, "Well, three makes a good mess," so he answered, "I'd like to have three squirrels."

All right, where do you want the first one?" said the Voice.

By this time he had stood up, was looking all around thinking he was in a vision. Yet, being trained by former strange experiences all his life, he responded by thinking, "It says to say it; I'll say it." He considered how a squirrel is not usually in a sycamore tree and noted that such a tree was near by.

"Let a squirrel come out on the limb of the sycamore tree - right there." he said.

He had no more said these words than there sat the squirrel. He rubbed his eyes, and again the thought crossed his mind, as to whether this was a vision, but resolving to follow the thing through, he raised his rifle, aimed, fired, and the squirrel fell to the ground. He walked over and picked it up. it was warm and bloody. To himself he said, "Visions don't bleed."

He dropped the squirrel into his bag and said, "Thank you, Lord!" and turned to leave, when the Voice spoke again, "where shall the second one be?"

Looking around, he saw a locust tree. He thought, "I'll make this one where I KNOW it's God." Aloud, he said, "Let a squirrel run up that tree and sit in the top where I can get a shot at his eyeball."

The words were barely out when the squirrel scampered up and sat right on top of the locust tree. Again he shot, hitting the squirrel in the eyeball. he walked over, picked up the squirrel, and again thanked the Lord, saying, "Thank you, Lord! Your Word is True!"

Again he started to leave, but the Voice stopped him, saying, "But you said three."

"I did say three," he agreed.

This time his instructions were elaborate, "Let one come right through there, right past those farmers picking corm in that field, right up this tree, right over across there, jump over that limb, and land right there, and that's where I'll shoot him." He pointed out the spot.

Of course, you know what happened. The instructions were barely given when there came the squirrel, following all his specifications, stopped right where he had said, and again his shot was true. he picked up the third squirrel and put it in his sack.

As he related this extraordinary experience, first he sat on the floor in front of his chair, leaning back against the chair as he had leaned against the forks in the tree. Then he stood up, acting as though he were aiming and firing his gun. Watching him, Bro. Pearry Green, thought in his heart, "I am eith listening to a Prophet of God - this either happened, just as he is telling it, or this man is deceiving me." Yet, He could think of no reason why Bro. Branham would deceive him.

Brother Branham's unfailing discernment caught Bro. Green's thoughts. Turning to the Brother, he said, "Bro. Pearry, it really happened!"

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