Causing The Storm To Cease

This manifestation of The Spoken Word took place in October of 1963, while Bro. Branham was on a hunting trip with several of the brothers, in Colorado. This was an area he knew well, having hunted and herded cattle there for over twenty years. At one time he had known how many head of elk there were in the herd. Once he had stood so still that the elk herd had grazed up so close to him that he had punch a bull elk in the side with the butt of his rifle. He blended that well with the wilderness. Such a display of patience reveals the type of hunter that he was. The others with him always relied on his wisdom and knowledge of the outdoors, particularly in this area of Colorado, which could be dangerous in time of storm.

This particular morning the sky spoke of an oncoming storm and the weather reports confirmed that a severe disturbance was on the way. The hunters had gathered in the cabin the night before, and Brother Branham had advised them to leave the following morning if they must get out, because otherwise they might be snowed in. For those who would stay, he agreed to remain and help them, but that morning he advised them strongly to stay close and to head for camp at the very first sign of moisture, even the first drop of rain. He knew that it could get so bad within minutes that they could never find their way back.

Bro. Branham himself headed alone up into the high country, as was his custom, figuring to bring down game for others. it wasn't long until it began to drizzle rain. he had a sandwich with him that he sat down to eat, thinking that he would delay returning a little while in case one of the others was in trouble. They would fire their gun in the event of trouble and he would be better able to come down to them rather than try to find his way back up again.

Soon the storm increased in severity as it started to snow. Bro. Branham started down the mountain, hurrying as fast as he could go. About a quarter of a mile down, he was stopped in his tracks by a Voice that said, "Go back from where you came."

He knew that Voice, but thought how it would be death to go back up again now that the storm had increased to full fury.

The Voice repeated, "Go Back from where you came."

Obeying the Voice, he retraced his footsteps to the top, not knowing why, but not questioning the instructions of God. Shortly after, the ground began to be covered with the snow. Suddenly, the Voice spoke again, saying, "I am the God of Creation!"

He looked up, thinking that maybe it was the wind. Again the Voice spoke, "I created the heavens and the earth. I still the mighty winds upon the sea. I rule heaven and earth."

This time there was no mistake. He jumped up and removed his hat in reverence. This was the Voice of God. The Voice continued, "Just speak to the storm and it will cease. whatever you say, that is what will happen." What a tremenduous challenge to the Prophet! Yet we find in Scripture that Jesus said, "Say thou to this mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea, and dopubt not, and it shall be done."

Brother Branham said that, in obedience to the Voice, he raised his hands and proclaimed to the elements, "Storm, you cease! Sun, you shine continually and normally for four days, until we are through hunting and out of here."

As these words were uttered, the storm disappeared and the sun broke through. Within fifteen minutes there was no evidence that a blizzard had even been there. There were brothers at the camp who described it as being cut off like water from a faucet. There were people driving over the passes in the midst of the storm when suddenly and mysteriously, it ceased. The weather bureau had sent out predictions, warning everyone to take cover. When it ceased, they all wondered what had happened. For four days the sun shone, just like the Prophet of God had commanded it. You may not believe - but I do! This confirms once again that according to Ezekiel 2:5 - There has been a Prophet in the land! In 2nd Chron. 20:20 it is written...

"Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; BELIEVE IN HIS PROPHETS, so shall ye prosper."

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