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We will attempt to be brief in our discussion of this subject. It is not our intention to discuss the secular studies which have been done on the "negative" impact of Television in today's modern world. We want to discuss this from a Biblical perspective and determine whether or not the "Christian" should allow into our homes that which the "greatest promoter" of unrighteousness. Remember, if it's not bringing you closer to God then it must have the opposite effect - moving you further away from Him.

It is written:
"Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions". Ecclesiastes 7:29

"Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions.". Psalms 106:39

One of the many things which man has sought out and invented is Television. It evolved as a result of man's desire to break into the higher dimensions of science. One idea led to another; one experiment led to another, revealing even greater possibilities in the realm of the science of communications. The 20th Century witnessed a literal "explosion" of scientific knowledge, fulfilling (in the scientific realm) the prophecy of Daniel 12:4 "Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

Of course, scientific electronic inventions have now evolved far beyond Television. It now encompasses VCR's, Videos, video games, DVD's, Personal Computers and the World Wide Internet Web. Every day more and more choices are being provided for the entertainment of our fleshly desires. As he did in the Garden of Eden, so in this age, our enemy [the Devil] makes all these things to appear to be "good...pleasant...and to be desired to make one wise" (Genesis 3:6).

From the Biblical Christian perspective how should we label these "wonderful" inventions of man? Are they "good"? Are they "evil"? Or are they a product of the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"? If we say that all these inventions are "good" then we credit God with having a part in it's discovery. The Bible says, "EVERY GOOD gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (James 1:17). If we say that these things are evil, then we can only conclude that Satan was/is the father of these inventions. If we say that these inventions are a product of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, then we must acknowledge God's warning that to eat of the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" results in death (Genesis 2:17). And WHY would anyone in their "right mind" want to eat of that which results in death?

It is serious indeed. Therefore, we must know where we stand regarding those "inventions" which have been made to appeal to the "old" human nature, and appear to be "good...pleasant...and to be desired..." (Genesis 3:6). What should the Christian's attitude be toward Television, Videos, computer games, and yes, even the Internet? This is NOT an issue which we can brush under the carpet and pretend its not a serious matter. More and more studies are showing the "negative" impact that Television, Videos, Video games, and the Internet are having on society. What about the impact it's having on the lives of those professing Christians who feed more on these things than on the things of God?

Some years ago - before the age of computers and videos, the F.B.I. stated that "Television is one of the four (comic books, Movie theatres, and radio) greatest influences for evil that we have." Without a doubt we would now have to add Videos, video games, DVD's and the Internet to the list.

Criminal Lawyers say that these electronic inventions are the greatest crime breeders in the world today. Educators state that Television is the greatest hindrance to education. "Oh, but Brother, Television, videos and the Internet are great educational tools." True! BUT, in the home, they are used 95% - 100% of the time for entertainment and NOT for education - at least not the right education. Satan is indeed using them to educate people in everything that is evil - smoking, drinking, cursing, hate, murder, all manner of perversion, adultery, fornication, prostitution, nudeness, etc.. Television, videos and the Internet are now the GREATEST promoter of all these things.

But as Eve "brushed aside" God's warning, even so this generation of pleasure seekers "brush aside" the warnings concerning the "VERY NEGATIVE" impact of Televison, videos and the Internet - it influences the way people think, act and live. It has a negative impact of human relationships - between friends, parents and children, and husbands and wives. Homes have been broken up through the medium of Television and the Internet. Lives have been lost and individuals have been maimed for life - all because of the influence of Television, Videos, the Internet, etc..

Without a doubt untold numbers of "professing Christians" own one or more Televisions, VCR's Video's, Video games, DVD's, PCs with Internet connection of some kind. Sad to say that they are quicker to redeem time for those things than they are for the things of God. It's time for Christians (those who have these modern entertainment inventions) to consider the impact it is having on their relationship with God and with other Christians. WHAT impact is it having on their children? Remember, whether it's you or your child setting in front of the screen, seeds of the "world" and the "things" of the world are being sown in the heart.

Jeremiah, the prophet, in Lamentations 3:51 said, "Mine eye affecteth mine heart....." It is a proven fact that "seeing" has a greater impact than "hearing". What we "see" we remember longer than what we "hear". The Patriarch Job said, "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee." (Job 42:5). It had a great impact on Job. We are greatly "mistaken" to think that there is no harm in "just looking" at something. Let's not forget the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:28, "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."

The drunkard was the descent man who started with "one" social drink. The thief was the honest man who "coveted" just "one" little thing. The liar was the respectable man who "covered" one mistake. The fornicator and adulterer was the man who took "one" look. Of course, it has progressed "beyond" just looking at a moving picture. Now, science has given men, women and children the ability to inter-act - to see and talk to each other in living color.

In Psalms 141:4 King David said:

Incline not my heart to [any] evil thing, to practise wicked works with men that work iniquity: and let me not eat of their dainties.

If it's not already too late it's time for Bible believing Christians to seriously consider whether or not he/she should even possess a Television, a VCR, Videos, Video games, or a DVD. The Bible clearly teaches that as Christians we are to be a "separated" people unto the Lord, a "peculiar" people, a "Royal" priesthood, avoiding even the "appearance" of sin. What's found on Television, videos and the Internet today is NOT a vague "appearance" of sin but "actual" sin.

The Bible says:

Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: [but] thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it [is] a cursed thing. Deut. 7:26

Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed? Amos 3:3

 William M. Branham, the prophet sent to this end-time Age, was absolutely clear in his condemnation of Television. And considering what he said about Television I am sure he would feel the same way about videos, video games and the Internet. The following selected quotes leave no doubt as to what he felt about it.

We don't have television. There won't be one in my home, never. You want them, that's up to you. But God told me not to do it.

Greatest Gift In The Bible - 57-0811A
How dare you take that blessed holy thirst that God gave you to thirst after Him and try to satisfy it with the things of the world, with television programs, with drinking, with big sprees. The devil has perverted instruments of his own and taken that thirst that God give you to thirst for Him, and making you thirst after the things of the world.

The Mark Of The Beast - 56-0715
Oh, my, what a horrible time we're living. Look around and see sin. Look at it. Oh, yes. You couldn't go to prayer meeting. "It's just too hot. It's just too cold. Well, after all, the preacher preaches too long". But you can keep your head in that old devil television day and night.

Invasion Of The USA - 54-0509
We find out, we have thirty thousand converts in six weeks, and six weeks later we haven't got a one. There's something wrong somewhere. That's right. And it's all glamour, putting on. The world, through television, through radio, through picture shows, and those outlets there, has corrupted this nation with the tommyrot of Hollywood. Right. Everything wants to be in big glamour. Isn't that the truth? You know that's the truth. We don't have any more of the old fashion religion that we used to have years ago. It's because it's been let down.

The Seven Church Ages - 54-0512
And we just put up with anything that's evil and call it religion. "Oh, well, We go to church. We're as good as the rest of the fellows." Go right home, stay home on Wednesday night and watch the television, the very pits of hell. That's right. And go right out and listen at the picture shows, to the drive-in. It's too hot to go to the church; and even the preacher closes up, through the midst of the summer. You say, "It's too hot to go to church." It'll not be too bad to go to hell, brother. You'll go some of these days, where it's hotter than that. You better listen.

 The Seal of The Anti-Christ - 55-0311
And that poor little old girl out there, she got mixed up with some of her associates. Why did she get that way? Because she got into that kind of a group. Listen, there's a spirit of everything. There's a spirit of a nation. You go into this nation, it's got a spirit. What is this nation spirited with? Entertainment. All they have, is "Who kissed Suzy", ever what it is on the night. And people will stay home to watch television, who - something about Sucy, or something like that, instead of going to church, and say that they got the Holy Ghost, and speak in tongues.

The Seal of The Anti-Christ - 55-0311
Brother, by their fruits, you'll know them. Who - what was that? Lucy, something about Lucy, or something like "I Love Lucy." Some of them programs like that. I don't watch her nonsense. I read my Bible; I love to serve the Lord. Amen. Yes, sir. Amen. That's what we need today. That's what you're getting out of will of God. That's where you've moved back. No wonder you can hate your neighbor, and everything else, and still carry on like that. You can't have the love of God in your heart and do that. That's right. Amen.

Editor's note: The program "I Love Lucy" was a turning point in Television. Previous to this program the actors portraying husband and wife characters always slept in twin beds. Starting with the "I Love Lucy" program the man and woman were in the same bed. This was probably changed because the actor and actress were also husband and wife in real life. But from that time all bedroom scenes put the man and woman in one bed. Now, of course, in Television and the movies there are no boundries.

The Mark Of Christ - 55-0312
When I was a lineman for the public service company, one day I went to a room to collect the electric light bill. A little old woman come to the door, about enough clothes on to go in a aspirin box, and she was dancing across the floor. And some guy with a little old fiddle was going on the radio. And she danced across the floor. Said, "What did I want?"
And I said, "The electric light bill."
"Oh," she said, "I was fixing to take it down." So she danced back across the floor. And that guy started playing some kind of a little old silly music, like this old boogie-woogie stuff that you can't even eat in a restaurant anymore for the cause of it. That squeaky, ungodly... Oh, my. No wonder the world's polluted. Their whole mind's on sex, and filth, and ungodly things; even preachers do it. Amen. It's a disgrace.

People call themselves with the Holy Ghost and playing them old nasty dirty tunes and things. Brother, that's the buzzard inside of you feeding on that; you need the Holy Ghost in there. That'll feed on the Word of God. Amen. I'm not angry with you, but, brother, you've got to know the truth. Amen.

Fellowship Through Reconciliation - 55-0605
A hydrogen bombs, and oxygen bombs, and everything hanging right in the scales like that. And man constantly wades right down through sin. And people will stay away from prayer meeting at night, turn on their television sets, and listen to "Lucy's" and all them other programs, and things, and call themselves Christians.

Enticing Spirits - 55-0724
Our heavenly Father, when we see these enticing spirits upon people and knowing that they are despising the things of God, I pray, God, that You'll get ahold of every man and woman in here today. Let this be a day Lord, that they'll realize that their life doesn't tally up with the Word, and they've been listening to the wrong things, that the devil's been soothing them down with old "True Story" magazines, old rotten tommyrot of the world, and old moving picture shows, and unclean television. O God, such impossible things for a Christian to look at.

Pride - 55-0807
In the American people through television, and through picture-shows, they have seen so much of the put on, till they become put-ons themself: too bad. And we get it in church, actors. Hmmm. God don't want them. Far be it from us to be actors. Be yourself; God wants you to be that way. I despise seeing someone trying to do something that they cannot do.

Unwelcomed Christ - 55-0828
There's something wrong with the picture. What did this Pharisee want with Jesus? There's something up somewhere. And now let's look and see what it was. Now, the Greek word for "Pharisee" means "a actor, somebody that acts like something." We got too much of that in the world today. .....Too many of us look at the television and when we go out, you see little children that go to such places. They go out, act like the actors. The devil does that. I don't want to act; I want to be what I am. And sometimes, preachers become actors. Oh, sure. And they get in the pulpit, they use the pulpit for it.

Unwelcomed Christ - 55-0911
My Jesus has come to this city many times, and you pushed Him in the corner. You've talked about It, said, "It was the devil." Said, "It was mental telepathy." Said, "There wasn't nothing to it." Shame on you, hypocrite. Jesus will make you pay for that some of these days, at the day of judgment. He comes to the city, He knocks at the door. He performs things, and people look and say, "Oh, It's nonsense," push It away. And every night, in your church, is praying for a revival? Pharisee, actor, you want it the way you want it. Christ comes in the way that He wants to come. He might embarrass your theology. But there He sets, after He's been invited, and He's come.

How many times has these old cold formal morgues around here prayed for a revival? The other day, they're praying all over the country for revival. Billy Graham and Jack Schuller, and a bunch of them, going across the... praying for revivals. And then here come the Holy Ghost down, and you mark It as apostasy. Hallelujah. He comes down with the same signs and wonders, and everything, and proves that He's there, and you call It the devil. Hypocrites, you'll die in your television one of these days, and go to hell in the same thing.

Where I Think Pentecost Failed - 55-1111
You had too many television shows the kids - Here they had a little old thing out here, not long ago... Show you how the devil can do it. There ain't a kid in this country, but can tell you who David Crockett is, can tell you he was born in Tennessee, and all about him killing a bear when he was three. And you know that's a lie. But all that, they can tell you all about it. But if the devil, through television and everything, can push that into every child's head in America, what ought the Church to do by Jesus Christ, and you'd stop juvenile delinquency. Hallelujah. Don't get scared. "Hallelujah" means, "Praise our God." "Amen," that means "so be it." So it won't hurt you to say that once in a while.

Jesus Christ, The Same... - 56-0426
But one of the greatest disgraces that even from the files of the FBI, it just proves that America started her decline by the moving pictures. It's exactly right, not being censored and all this here stuff they put out before young girls and things like that, now the devil put it in every home through television.

Arrow Of God's deliverance - 56-0801
Oh, what a day that we're living in, like the day of Joash, borderline, halfway, lukewarm, blowing away, tossed about, wind, clouds without rain, tossed about, never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Don't be tossed about by everything. Don't be tossed about by what you see on the television. Why, some Christians today are staying home on Wednesday night to see the television. You know that's true. Why, you know that's the gateway of all Hollywood out there. Why, it's nothing else but a bunch of big prostitution, and some of the vulgar...

Arrow Of God's deliverance - 56-0801
I'm His witness to say this, that He's calling you to come to the altar. Young and old, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostals, Lutherans, whosoever will, come to the altar. There is a fountain filled with Blood...Come on. All you, hit the trail down here to the altar. Quit looking at the television. Quit looking at the things of the world. Look at Calvary tonight. See Christ. Look Who died for you. Look Who paid the penalty. Look, ...Get away from the things of the world.

 Handwriting On The Wall - 56-0902
Look at it. Look in the dirt; look at the filth. Look what it's done. Look at the strip teases, look at everything else on the television. You put in the movies, and you try to keep your kids away from the movies. You holiness people, you good people, you people that's tried to preach the truth, you people that's tried to stand by it. And the devil is trying to get one jump ahead. You know what he done? He put it right in your house in the name of television.

Second Handed Robe - 56-1206
Now, we find that this school of the prophets, how it turned out to be. I'd imagine every prophet there... When Elijah came up, we seen they didn't live the right kind of life, for they said, "It's too strict for around here when Elijah comes around." I imagine if it'd be today, they'd make them get rid of all their television programs, and all their old love story magazines, and quit their smoking and drinking, and all these things, and clean up.



God Keeps His Word - 57-0115
Put television out way it is now, and uncensored programs of all this vulgarity and everything. Let a little boy go. The eye is the gate to the soul. Let him go in and, let these little girls go into one of these movies, or something, or other and see one of these here women out of Hollywood with eight or ten husbands, making love to some man. That little girl will practice the same thing the next day. Let some fantastic, nonsense come out out there with some kind of a little old scandal looking skirts on or something or other like that, and watch the American women go to wearing the same thing. That's right.

Jehovah Jireh - 57-0309
Now, another thing God does - He told Abraham and Sarah to separate themselves from their company. God calls for separation. How much different it is in us choosing anything? we choose mixers. Oh yes; "I tell you that's the socialist little fellow you ever seen. Now, he's not a fanatic. He won't preach anything against television, and all this kind of stuff like that, 'bout women wearing bobbed hair and all these things like that. You never hear it spoke in our church." Just because he hasn't got the real audacity, he hasn't got the baptism of the Holy Ghost to back it up. That's all. What we need is God-fearing preachers who tells the truth. That's right. Now, that's what makes the separation.

Second Coming Of The Lord - 57-0417
He [Jesus] looks upon your wedding engagement ring, and He finds the tablet moved; He finds love has gone; it's a form. He finds loyalty is gone. You've committed fornications with the world. You go to dances, and boogie-woogie parties, and watch old dirty television programs. You are committing adultery on Christ, calling Him your Husband. .....It's time we lit a candle and swept the house. The coming of the Lord is at hand.

His Wonders To Perform - 58-0112
It was while those who went to Emmaus, along the road, begin to talk about Him, that He stepped out of the bushes and walked with them through the day. The reason we don't have the spiritual blessings, we have too much time to watch television, too much time to read the newspapers or listen to some thing that we ought not to be listening to. And we are not redeeming the time, but we're giving it to the things of the world instead of our time to the Lord Jesus. And the Bible said, that, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God." Christians live on the Word.

Hear Ye Him - 58-0328
And you know what the world's hungry for? The world wants to see something genuine. That's what's the matter with these conversions that they're so called. They're not real conversions. It's intellectual. There's a intellectual knowledge of Christ. But a borned again experience gives the real Christ. America is people who have to be entertained. They've got too much television in them. They want entertainment. They don't want the old fashion Gospel.

Life - 58-0512
Now, you see what you're doing? The wrong spirit's got among you, and it's making you try to satisfy that blessed holy thirst, that God give you to worship Him with, you're trying to satisfy it with television, radio, all the fancy things of the world, and make-ups, and carry on. I believe you should look clean.

Thou Son Of David... - 61-0215
Now, but today with all of our modern convenience, and instead of reading the Bible to her children, will turn the television on and let them look at something that's not even fit for them to look at. Now, that's right. That's right. And another thing, we'll give them these little old comic books, and little old story books off of some drugstore mantle that oughtn't to even be sold to make kindling wood out of, or fire out of. And yet we poke all that kind of stuff down our children's necks.

The Token - 63-0901
Believe what? Believe the Lord Jesus Christ for your house. Apply the Token to your house. Then what do you do when you apply It to your house? Move all the trash out. Get all the short skirts, and the shorts, and the cards, and the cigarettes, and televisions, and whatevermore, and kick them out the door. You're going to apply the Token, won't stand still for it. Yes, sir. Take it all out.

Influences - 64-0215
Our people got away from the things that they should've stayed with. The church got lukewarm or cold, and the children got out into the world.....Now, Hollywood puts out lots of movies, and televisions, and so forth, that's even uncensored, where they curse and use God's Name in vain. And it used to be it was wrong for the children in the holiness churches to go to bioscopes or picture shows. And now, Satan got one jump ahead by bringing it right into the house in the form of television, and then uncensored and--and so forth. And that's Satan's way of gradually entering in.

Jesus Keeps All His Appointments. - 64-0418
Maybe things would've been different if they'd had the old fashion prayer altar, the Bible instead of a deck of cards, and throwed that television out the door a long time ago. It might've been a whole lot different. You all used to be wrong to go to the picture show. The devil put it right over on us; he brought it right in our house.

Harvest Time - 64-1212
I'm not much on television. As you know, I'm really against it.

God's Provided Place Of Worship - 65-0425
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The same sun rises in the east sets in the west; civilization's traveled with it.......And now, we've come right straight back again, and here we set this afternoon on the west coast, where the sin barrier of all the powers of darkness heaps in here. These movies and television casts, and men kissing women on there, and poisoning the minds of little girls...

God's Power To Transform - 65-0911
We rent from a woman that has the television in her house. I never intend to have one in my house. No, sir. I don't want that thing in my house. I'd blow it out with my shotgun. I don't want nothing to do with that evil thing. No, sir. .......Let me tell you about you Arizonans here. You seen that analysis the other day of schools, didn't you? Eighty percent of the children in Arizona schools are suffering with mental deficiency, sixty-seven percent of them was by looking at television. How about that? You better use your shotgun. See? Now, don't let the devil spray you with that. No, sir. Now, people, as I said, people act like they don't have to come to judgment.

Invisible Union Of The Bride.. - 1965
The complete total insanity this world will go into right away. It's almost there now. Why, you can see the footsteps of it. There it is. It's marching right out on the street, right down the church pew: total insanity, do things that a human being wouldn't think of doing and being civilized. Look what Hollywood's done to the woman. Look how it has robbed the sacred virtues of the woman. ...Eve didn't mean to do wrong. The Bible said in I Timothy 3, she was deceived. ...And that is just exactly what's happened today. She's been deceived by television, by magazines...

Leadership - 65-1207
But what's happened to you, church? You've seen so much television, so much things of the world, it's so easy for your old Adam nature to drift into that to act like the rest of them.

It's a challenge indeed for multitudes of professing Christians to give up their Televisions, Videos, Video games and DVDs. And within a few more years Christians may have to throw out the Internet. It is indeed a test of the Believers "Love" for God versus their love for the world and the "things" of the world. May God give you the Grace to "throw out the trash" and "redeem" the time for prayer, reading the Word and communion with our Heavenly Father.

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