A Vision: WARNING Against Spiritualism

One night, not long after Brother Branham's conversion, he returnd from a place under an old oak tree, where before he had engaged in secret prayer. It was some time between one and three A.M. His mother and father heard him as he entered his room, and they called him, telling him his little sister was ill. He knelt and prayed for her and then returned to his own room.

After entering his room, he heard a sound which was like two electric wires rubbing together, causing them to arc. He was working lineman at the time, and he thought there must be a short in the circuit in the house. But suddenly the sound changed, and a strange light filled the room. Then it seemed to him that he was standing in the air. It frightened him very much and he thought he was dying.

After that he noticed that the Light was all around him. Looking up he saw a large Star just above from where the Light was coming. It came closer and closer. Then it seemed he could neither breathe nor speak. Next the Star appeared to settle on his breast.

At that point the scene changed, and it seemed that he appeared upon a green grassy hill, and just in front of him lay an old-fashioned four-cornered candy jar. Inside the jar was a large tobacco moth or fly trying to free itself. He started to turn to his right, and there was the Mighty Angel standing looking at him. The angel said, "See what I have to show you." Then Brother Branham saw an arm cast a stone, and break the candy jar. The tobacco moth tried to fly away. But it could not get off the ground; its body was too heavy for its short wings.

Then out of the moth came swarms of flies, and one of the flies flew in Brother Branham's ear. The angel said unto him "The 'flies which you have seen represent evil spirits, such as spirits of divination and fortune-telling."

Then he Warned, "Be careful." This was repeated three times. After that Brother Branham came to himself. He could not sleep any more that night. The following day he was very careful. He would watch every move, expecting something to happen at any time. The whole thing was very new to him for it was the first warning he ever had by a vision.

At noon that day, he went to a little grocery store to buy his lunch. There was a Christian who worked in the store; Brother Branham had just led him to Christ. He afterwards was a great help to Brother Branham in the Gospel work. While there, Brother Branham was relating his vision to him when a lady stepped in the front door of the store.

Brother Branham had a peculiar feeling, and he knew a strange spirit had come in. He mentioned it to Brother George DeArk, his friend. The lady stepped up to Brother DeArk's brother Ed, and said, "I am looking for a man by the name of Branham. I have been told he is a man of God." Then Ed called Brother Branham. When he came where she was, she asked him, "Are you William Branham, the Prophet of God?" He answered her, "I am William Branham."

She questioned, "Are you the one that performed that miracle on Mr. William Merrill at the hospital and healed Mar O'Honion (she lives on E. Oak St., New Albany, Ind.) - after she had been crippled for 17 years?" He replied, "I am William Branham; Jesus Christ healed them." She then said, "I have lost some real estate, and I want you to locate it for me." Bro. Branham never did understand what she meant by her statement concerning real estate, but he knew that Satan had sent her on this errand. He then said to her, "Madam, you have come to the wrong person; you must have been looking for a reader or a medium." Then she turned to him and asked, "Aren't you a medium?" He replied, "I am not. Mediums are of the devil. I am a Christian and have the Spirit of God." Upon hearing this she gave him an icy look. Before he could say anything further he heard the Spirit of God say to him that she was a medium herself, and that this was the fly that came to his ear, in the vision. Then he told her, "The Lord sent His angel to me last night in a vision, to warn me of your coming and for me to be careful. I thank my Lord for His guiding hand. Now this work that you are in is of the devil, and you are come to grieve the Spirit of God." She felt of her heart, and said that she needed some medicine. Brother Branham replied, "Madam, quit doing these things and your heart will be all right." She walked from the store only a short distance, when she suffered a heart attack and died right on the side walk.

A few days later, Brother Branham was speaking to some mechanics in a garage about the love of Christ, in the same city of New Albany, and he also told the men about the vision. He was just about to ask them to pray and give their hearts to God, when the man from the garage next door said, "Billy, you are welcome in my garage anytime, but leave that fanatical religion outside." Brother Branham replied, "Sir, where Jesus is not welcome I will not come. But I speak that which is true, which God has revealed unto me."

After the man had made this statement, he gave a snarling laugh, then shook his hand at Brother Branham and walked out of the building. But before he could get to his garage, his own son-in-law, backing out of the door with his truck full of scrap iron, struck him, crushing both his feet and ankles.

Two days later, while speaking at a street meeting, a lady with a crippled arm said to Brother Branham, "I know God's annointing is upon you. when you pray please remember my crippled arm. It has been in that condition for several years." He spoke to her, "if you truly believe, stretch out your arm, for Jesus Christ has healed you." Immediately her arm was made straight. The poor woman cried for joy as she knelt and thanked God."

A woman standing by said, "If that religion Billy Branham has is the true religion, I do not want any of it." But as she turned to walk away a peculiar thing happened. She stumbled over a board, and failing to the ground, she broke her arm in 15 places. The arm that was broken, was on the same side as the women's was that was healed.

To God Be The Glory - Great Things He Hath Done

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