A Young Man's Deliverance

Fort St. John is extremely far north. In fact it is up in British Columbia, where the sun does not really set; it just gets gloomy. So the hunters had lots of time to talk about the things of the Spirit. Rev. Byskal was telling Bud about Brother Branham's meetings, about the visions and the healings. Bud then said how glad he would be to have Brother Branham see his brother who had epilepsy, for he was sure something good would come of it. He constantly talked about Brother Branham having a vision and praying for the boy in order that he might be healed.

One day after Brother Branham had just helped his companions to get the horses back onto a trail from which they had wandered he saw a vision of this young man. He had been riding drag (riding the end of the trail) so he spurred up to talk to Bud. He told Mr. Southwick that the vision had shown him that his brother had the seizures from a child, and he proceeded to describe the young man. It was exactly right. He then told him to send for the man, bring him to Ft. St. John and watch over him. When the next attack came he was to tear his shirt off him and throw it in the fire, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the fits would cease.

Well, they brought the boy to Ft. St. John. Bud told his wife that he had "Thus saith the Lord," for his brother, so all they had to do was follow instructions. The poor fellow had as many as six seizures a day when he had a bad time of it. And his next seizure came when Bud was away. But Mrs. Southwick was small in stature but she was a Spirit-filled Christian. She quickly tore off the young man's shirt and threw it in the fire in the Name of the Lord Jesus. The seizures ceased and never returned.

To God Be The Glory - Great Things He Hath Done

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